Zodiac Signs and Compatibility with Your Ex

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  If you have been reading the posts on BreakupDok, you might know, that this site is all about facts, science and practicality. But this time I will take you into the world of astrology, to give you an insight into the matters of zodiac compatibility.   You might have been wondering what signs are more…

elegant woman texting her ex boyfriend featured

Text Messages to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

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  So, you’ve just been through a breakup, and you are absolutely sure, that he’s the ONE for you, and you want him back? Wipe your tears, put aside the pain and turmoil in your heart, and read this post.   By the time you get to the end of it, you will probably experience more…

Facebook and Breakups

Breakups in the Facebook Universe

Category: Science

  Since more than a decade the biggest, most popular social media site is unarguably Facebook. It loudly resounds with our lives captured in posts, photos and different activities we so enthusiastically get engaged in.   The phenomena created by Mark Zuckerberg had a triumphant march across the globe, conquering people of all ages, all more…

man vs woman after breakup

Who Gets Over a Breakup Faster: Men or Women?

Category: Science

  According to researcher Craig Morris by the age of 30 most of the people will experience an average of three breakups in their lives, and probably one of them will be intensely difficult to get over, affecting the quality of their lives in a negative way for months, perhaps even for years.   If more…

Guys Behavior after breakup

Guys Behavior after Breakup

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  Being a man does not make us any less susceptible after a breakup. We might handle the results or outcome differently. But we certainly do not handle it any better.   All through my entire life, I have experienced 3 heart crushing breakups. It doesn’t matter if it is because of neediness, being cheated more…

Is he hurt after breakup

Is He Hurting After Breakup?

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  There’s the contradictory point of view if men are really hurting after breakup. While women are wired to look emotionally understanding, (even though there are quite a few exceptions) some of those men also look emotionally understanding in their passionate relationships but of course women can do this better.   It is no secret more…

What Men Think After Breakup

What do Guys Think after Breakup

Category: Science

  Breakup is indeed one of the most shocking and overwhelming scenarios that could happen with you in a relationship. Both of you are affected deeply. However, how will you know if he is also concerned with the breakup?   A study conducted by American Psychological Association shows that men start to suffer even more more…

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Why do Men Act like They Don’t Care after a Breakup

Category: Science

  Have you ever thought why you’re ex boyfriend does not seem very affected and overwhelmed as you after your breakup? Let’s look on the reasons together and find the answers to this question of yours.   “Does he love me?” This is a popular questions I usually hear from several women after breakup. The more…

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How Does the Brain React to a Breakup?

Category: Science

  To the human brain, getting dumped is like being burned by a cup of hot coffee. As you will see later in this article, studies conducted by neurologists revealed that just by simply looking to you ex-boyfriend’s picture tend to energize neurological regions and then processes physical discomfort.   Defensively, dejected brain signals release more…

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Why Do Breakups Hurt so Much?

Category: Science

  According to Mark Leary, Ph.D., a professor of neuroscience and psychology at Duke University, rejection and pain are part of human life. The importance of rejection is being missed and people tend to focus more on the pain of rejection and separation.   Though it is true that these things are important, it still cannot more…