What Men Think After Breakup

What do Guys Think after Breakup

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  Breakup is indeed one of the most shocking and overwhelming scenarios that could happen with you in a relationship. Both of you are affected deeply. However, how will you know if he is also concerned with the breakup?   A study conducted by American Psychological Association shows that men start to suffer even more more…

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Why do Men Act like They Don’t Care after a Breakup

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  Have you ever thought why you’re ex boyfriend does not seem very affected and overwhelmed as you after your breakup? Let’s look on the reasons together and find the answers to this question of yours.   “Does he love me?” This is a popular questions I usually hear from several women after breakup. The more…

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How Does the Brain React to a Breakup?

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  To the human brain, getting dumped is like being burned by a cup of hot coffee. As you will see later in this article, studies conducted by neurologists revealed that just by simply looking to you ex-boyfriend’s picture tend to energize neurological regions and then processes physical discomfort.   Defensively, dejected brain signals release more…

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Why Do Breakups Hurt so Much?

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  According to Mark Leary, Ph.D., a professor of neuroscience and psychology at Duke University, rejection and pain are part of human life. The importance of rejection is being missed and people tend to focus more on the pain of rejection and separation.   Though it is true that these things are important, it still cannot more…

Romance, The Irish & Valentine’s Day (infographic)

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When you look at how dating works in modern Ireland, it’s difficult to imagine some of the romantic traditions that existed in times gone by. In modern Ireland, nearly 1 in 4 people have tried their hand at online dating. In 2017, affection is shown in very different ways than in the past. However, romance more…

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Trust Issues after Cheating

Category: Cheating

More than almost anything, infidelity in all its forms shreds the fabric of a relationship leaving only tatters. Because of the nearly thermonuclear results, everyone struggles in any effort to put the pieces back together. The onus for reforming a foundation of trust falls squarely on the person who cheated. Some partners cannot bear up more…

Online Dating Apps

The Rise of Online Dating Apps (infographic)

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  I want to thank this infographic for CarVaka. Go check out their website: www.carvakasextoys.co.uk.

Relationship is Worth Saving

Not Every Relationship is Worth Saving

Category: Breakups

Today I want to share with you a delicate and painful subject about getting your ex back.   It’s about the question if your relationship worth saving or not. I also have to agree that not all of the bonds can be saved.   But let’s just dig more deep into this…   The best more…

Top Signs You Can Get Your Ex Back

The Top Signs You Can Get Your Ex Back

Category: Ex Back

Everyone who’s gone through a bad breakup has wondered… “Can I get my ex back? Do I have a chance?” That’s a heartbreaking question to ask, especially when your heart is already broken into a million pieces from the breakup. But it’s important to know what to expect from a breakup – so that you more…

Regaining Trust After You've Cheated

Regaining Trust After You’ve Cheated

Category: Cheating

When trust has been broken through infidelity, couples struggle to find their way. The betrayer finds hope scarce. However, this does not mean a possibility for a future ends at the point of cheating. One of the most important things when rebuilding trust is it takes time and patience. Proactive steps brings couples closer as more…