Quick Tips and Tricks to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Regret Breaking Up with You

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Quick Tips and Tricks to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Regret Breaking Up with You

There is a great chance he will regret your absence if you play the game the right way…

Your boyfriend has left you and is not relenting. You have perhaps done something so wrong that he had to desert you, or you feel that the spark between you two has vanished somewhere.

Now you can either sit back and repent or take a positive step and make an endeavor so that he regrets leaving you at all. After all, you were together for months or years, and shared days of happiness and warmth. It cannot altogether disappear from his memories.

There is a great chance he will regret your absence if you play the game and in the right manner. Below are a certain pointers that should help you achieve your goal.


Do not be a grouse.

You may feel that he has vented his feelings and reason for your separation to everyone he has met, but it may not be the case. Thus, it is better to reserve your emotions and not share it with mutual friends.

This is especially when you feel you were in the wrong and the main reason for the breakup. Be generous and let him get over the angst.


Don’t rush up things.

Take things slowly. When you let him by himself, without bothering him now and again, he will slowly, but surely, begin to miss you. The reasons for your separation will suddenly feel frivolous to him.


Apply the old ‘No Contact’ rule to him

Try and sincerely avoid all contacts.

Apply the old ‘No Contact’ rule to him

Try and sincerely avoid all contacts; whether on Facebook, mails, texts or phone calls. When you reinforce the fact that this time you are avoiding him, he will be tilted to feel your absence.


Try to remain natural or at least as you can be.

Carry on with your daily work; your vocation. Indulge in pastimes that you normally do.

Meet mutual friends with as much regularity as you would before breakup. He will get to know and feel that you are not perturbed in your life and your wholesomeness will make him regret letting you go.

Post breakup, there is generally a period when there is too much angst and anger. Remember not to pursue him in any way in that time period. Accord him his time and space.

Let him gather his emotions. He will begin to realize that your company and love was a positive addition to his life and still can be.

Whenever you get in contact with him (say, if you work in the same company or at a mutual friend’s party), show that you are having a great time.

Mingle with friends and try to get in long conversation. Avoid talking in monosyllables if you may. He will feel piqued inside by this positive attitude and realize that you have value. After all, you have taken this ‘hiccup’ (separation) with relative ease.


Turn yourself into a challenge for him.

Let him feel that you are not missing him…

Turn yourself into a challenge for him.

Let him feel that you are not missing him, or are not going overboard to contact him. When he finds that you are happy without him, he will realize that all the same, he is not quite happy with you. That is when he will rue leaving you and that is how you win him back.

You may arrange for a gift to be delivered to him under a different name. However, make it a point to leave a text bearing your signature tune; say, your favorite line so that he knows it is you and not somebody else.

Let the gift be something he cherishes but doesn’t have, for instance, a Casio Synthesizer or training shoes.

Mutual friends will anyway play a big part in bringing you together. They will keep suggesting to him, as to you how good you both looked together.

They will come up to sort out your differences. While you should not patronize this attitude of theirs, you shouldn’t also request them to stop their endeavor. Play neutral. Sometimes, a third person’s angle is more fruitful.


Avoid listening to your heart and instincts after the breakup.

They have a tendency to make you sad, lonely and jealous (especially if you feel he has left you for another girl). Believe in your personal value, in the power of your love and trust that he will also feel its pangs.


Write a card invoking old memories.

Once a fortnight has passed without any advance from your end or his, gift him the card which suggests why you should be together (after the No Contact period). Rest assured that all this time, he has already assessed his situation and the absolute worth of you. Keep it crisp.

Tell him about your common memories in an indirect way. This will suggest him that you two should not be away from each other. Give him a chance to return to you with his pride intact. Chances are high that he will want to return into your life.

Once you meet (ensure that you meet at a fresh place), don’t start with the breakup issues, start fresh, forgetting the past misgivings.

There is no point bringing out where you erred and where he did. Both of you have follies (it is human to have follies) so promise each other that you will accept each other’s weakness as it is. Let life begin afresh and together.

There are many relationships which break up for good because the attempts at restoring the relation were too flimsy or dramatic. It is better to use your head and let his conscience make a decision. Don’t shove it on him by calling or texting him endless number of times. Be positive and let him think freely.

Can you share with me, what tactics did you used to make your ex boyfriend be regretful about your breakup?


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I found that the no contact rule is the best and it could b longer than a months depends on the person personality and how big his ego. As well after the no contact rule they said then start text him or contact him by anyway, I say no. After the no contact period don’t contact him or her, the no contact ends when he or she contact you. After he contact you just behave as normal and talk like nothing happened and like you have just seen him yesterday that will make him go crazy as u didn’t miss… Read more »

Amy i agree 110% with you… mine is the same case but what if the other person never talk to you whether 2,3 months have passed…just for the sake of his ego..does it means he wasn’t interested in you n yu posess no value infront of him…?


i had loved him like anything.. i really want him to regret everything he had done. it wasn’t even my fault instead i just asked him to share things with me. he gave more importance to his friends and i was always alone. nothing is working for me here! he is such a stone hearted person! 🙁


Does that mean he would never realise things?! I m 18 and very much concerned towards my studies but this incident had left a deep impact on me, I get distracted every time. He is enjoying with his friends, having fun and talking to other girls. I want him to realise that I m not a girl who is to be played with. i m a girl to be loved not to just hang out.

I am really sorry for too many comments but i am really curious to know, what do I need to do for getting him back! May be you right but I m not sure about how should react to this situation! I m not in contact with him for like 2 months! I feel better when I m not in contact with him because whenever I talk to him, he is always rude or ignoring. I truly love him but career first! so what should I do to make him realise my worth? I do not want to get back… Read more »
My boyfriend and I broke up just a few days ago but this was not the first time it happened but I feel like this time it was the most serious. He told me that he does not love me anymore and lost all the feelings and has been finding ways to move on and now that he got the opportunity he left me. We are in an LDR for almost 2 years. When i tell him about the memories, he said that to him everything is in the past. I really don’t want to lose him and I’ve been… Read more »
my ex broke up with me because he found me too clingy, I used to keep calling and texting him over the smallest things which used annoy me about him, keeping him on call crying and being desperate after an argument even when he used to be busy, which used to annoy him a lot and so I became a massive distraction to him in between his studies. we were in a long distance relationship and I never gave him space when he asked for. I begged him to stay with me after the break up and now he says… Read more »

…my boyfriend broke up with saying I was never proud of him.. ..this is the third break up. …i begged him for the last two times this time around I want him to beg me and regret leaving. …i also believe the no contact rule will work but we are schooling in the same college. …Should I still give casual hellos to him or still maintain the no contact rule for a month. ..he once told me. ..”I’m someone he’s going to cherish forever even if he won’t love me always. …Thank you


Me and my boyfriend were in a long distance relationship for about 4-5 months. I was planning to see him in just 2 months.. but he broke up with me saying his feelings went away. I’m so sad because I never thought this would happen. He blocked me on Snapchat and unfriended me on Facebook, I think he will soon block me on their too.

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up 1 year ago. He broke up with me, but I always feel like my ex still has a heart against me. He always stalking up my social media even we don’t follow each other social media (because he unfriended me on every socmed that we have at the beginning we broke up). We were so close, genuine, and have a strong connection, and I don’t know I just still can feel it until now. Even though after broke up he always acts cold and pretty rude to me once I contact him. But I… Read more »
Hey! We were in serious relation for 4 years but my boyfriend left me suddenly and went in relation with another girl. When he told me that he is breaking up n now with another girl i didnot create much drama i only cried very much when i met him. But within 2 days i went NC and nvr contacted him bt he contacted me aftr 3.5 weeks to be frnds i talked n told him that m nt ready for frndshp n again went NC he again contacted with frndshp proposal after 1 mnth this time i accepted. Nw… Read more »
Hi .. me and my ex were dating for 5 months and we were together everyday . But he was an alcoholic . He was so quick to talk to other females whenever we got into arguments . So it was ups and downs at the beginning . But we tried again to maintain our relationship . He stopped talking to all the females. But there was a girl who he been talking for a year before we met . He was flirting with her via texts on the last argument . But he ended blocked her and he promised… Read more »
Whenever my ex and I fight, he always wants to break up. He knows I’ll come back and chase him. Before, I used to visit him and beg him not to break up with me. It always works. But I started to know my worth that I shouldn’t beg someone to stay in my life. Last month, we also broke up due to trust problems. I found him flirting another girl via chat. He said she’s just a friend but we both knew that’s bs. He was the one who told me “let’s break up.” So it was mutual decision.… Read more »
Heartbreak kid
I’ve been with my ex it was going on 6 years this year 2017 . He told me he wanted a break once I found out he was texting another women he works with. We did a break for 5 days I came home because we actually just signed a 1 year lease which is up 2018 . Anywho I came to get clothes and be told me to give him another chance so I did. We didn’t argue he didn’t show interest tho so then 4 days later he asked for another break. He said he couldn’t see me… Read more »
Me and my ex were in a fairly short (3 months) but extremely intense relationship. We were both in long term relationships before and alone healing for a couple of years before we met. It might be that we were both hungry for love after this long time putting ourselves together. But it was him making this relationship intense, he asked if i would be officially his girlfriend, introduced me to all his friends and family, insisted on and met my family, my 2 children, he used to phone me every day and spend all his free time with me… Read more »
hi, my boyfriend blocked me in all of his accounts like facebook, messenger, kakao talk and gmail. I have tried to contact him through his friends and family but i have received nothing from him. its been exactly 2 weeks since he left me. I wanted to talk to him in person because i feel like theres no other way. I really want him back. I talked to his tutor why he left and he said because he wasnt happy but theres no third party. I dont know if he is here in the philippines or korea. But i just… Read more »
My ex just broke up with me a week ago. He said we are not right for each other it means I’m not right for him, but he is for me. I was begging him to try to run this relationship but he can’t. He thinks I don’t complete him and there is no something we can fix. He wants move one even though he still loves me and miss me. But I don’t want to move on, I really love him and I want continue our relationship. His decision can’t be changed. He is such stubborn. I want him… Read more »