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Matt Huston’s Ex-Girlfriend Guru is just great simply because it’s effective. This book breaks the conventional barriers and creates a “outside the box” way of winning your ex. The physiological approach of this book help you in making your Ex think that she wants you back instead of you acting desperate and needy. In other words, Matt’s radical approach and counter-intuitive techniques may be hard to believe, however they deliver brilliant results and that is what counts.

This book is beneficial for those who want to revive their broken relationship in a decorous manner. This book will help you in understanding the male-female relationship in a new light. The book goes beyond the conservative outlook and brings out the core of every male-female relationship.

Chapter 1: Lesson on Female Attraction

Ex Girlfriend Guru

Ex Girlfriend Guru

In this introductory chapter, Matt speaks about why the core reason for breakup. He explains in detail about unattractive traits that men tend to exhibit over a span in the relationship. He further states that women love Alpha Males, they like the man to be in control of the relationship. He explains the same using the concept of male/female bipolarity. He recommends that you analyze your behavior at the start of your relationship with your ex and your behavior just before the breakup.

Chapter 2: No Contact

In this chapter Matt recommends absolutely no contact with your ex at least for four weeks. This cooling off period is necessary for her to realize your value. He explains how you need to react in case she contacts you in these weeks or  In case your ex does not contact you in span of four weeks. Matt explains that constant presence in your ex’s life is only going to increase the distance between you two. You need to give her space to miss you.  No contact phase will remind her of good times that she spent with you.

Chapter 3: Push/Pull Theory

This is one of the most interesting and insightful chapters. In this chapter, Matt explains you the law of attraction. He recommends that you send mixed signals to attract your ex. In other words, show her some interest and then quickly show her some disinterest. This will intrigue your Ex. Humans have innate tendency to desire what they cannot get. Be exclusive, let her pin for you.

Chapter 4: Letting Go

Table of Contents Man

Table of Contents Man

In this chapter Matt recommends that you should eliminate all the things (physical/digital) that remind you of your ex. You must not view her social networking profile. Keep away all her gifts, pictures etc away from your eyesight. Delete her contact info in order to avoid calling her up. Matt recommends that you take your mind off your ex by indulging in casual dates. He urges you to focus on negative aspects of your Ex. This will help you in staying away from your Ex.

Chapter 5: Taking Your Life Back

In this chapter Matt, encourages you to start gathering the positives in your life. He recommends dating other women, enjoying with friends, partying, working out etc. in other words, Matt wants you to focus on yourself and groom yourself for the next step. He recommends taking lot of pictures where you are enjoying yourself and posting it on social site. This will intrigue your ex and generate fear of loss in her mind.

Chapter 6: If She Is Already Dating

Matt Huston prepares you for situations where your ex is already dating someone else. He recommends you to keep a cool exterior even when you bump into your ex and her boyfriend. Indulging in casual conversation will create a self-assured image for you. It will drive your ex crazy thinking that her new relationship does not bother you.

Chapter 7: Looking Good

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

In this chapter, Matt recommends you to get a fresh look. The chapter is full of practical advice and cool fashion tips that can help you to boost your self-esteem. Looking good will also lead your ex in perceiving you in a higher value than before.

Chapter 8: The Big Meet Up

This chapter is your combat plan. Matt prepares you for first meeting with your ex. He recommends that you keep it strictly platonic at the start so as to win your ex over.  Matt explains the power of 3 C’s to win your ex, namely conversation, convenience and cheap.  He advises on arranging the meeting at a time convenient to you and at a place that is not extremely expensive. He advises on keeping the conversation light and platonic. He recommends that you should be the guy in command throughout the meeting.

Chapter 9: The Seduction Blue Print

This is your final strategy. Matt provides detailed explanation of how you can win your ex girl back with an extensive seduction blueprint. He recommends on starting with playful flirting or teasing and then progressing to a casual kinesthetic touch (KINO) like touching her arm while talking or playfully punching her or brushing something off her face. It is important that you gauge her body reaction when you touch her. If she responds, you can take the things to a next level.

My final conclusion

To be straight with you, Matt Huston’s Ex Girlfriend Guru can help you to reignite the flames in your ex relationship, provided you follow the course thoroughly. This course can not only help you in winning your ex but also help you in knowing what will keep the relationship strong. I wish I had this product when we were together with Timea. Although onlybuy this book if you don’t seek revenge. Even if it can be very sweet 😛

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