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Ashley Kay’s Ex Recovery System is one of my top ex back products mostly because the book teaches you a coherent and no-nonsense approach of winning your ex girl back.

Breakups can be traumatic. You may feel torn apart when a relationship ends. Feeling of being alone or unwanted to devour you. Most of us want to win our ex girl back but are not sure about the approach. In our desperation to win the girl, we end up creating more distance.  Battery of phone calls, sentimental texts and other methods just drive your ex-girl up the wall. However, with the help of Ashley’s Ex Recovery System, you can learn an unconventional way of winning your Ex-girl back.

Ex Recovery System

Ex Recovery System

Ashley’s Ex Recovery System is designed for those who are looking to revive their past relationship for a long-term commitment. It is not designed for those who just want to get back their ex-girl to humor themselves or to mislead her.  Ex-Recovery System- Get Her back Edition does not guarantee that you will definitely win your Ex girl back however it will help you in overcoming the initial pain and seeing things clearly. You may be able to be friends with her again and most importantly, you will be able to understand what went wrong and why do you really want her back. Let us see how Ashley Kay takes us through this unconventional approach to win her back over a period.

In the introductory chapter, Ashley helps you to assess your emotional damage and your current state of mind.  The introductory chapter; ‘Where to go from here?’, ‘Are you emotionally ready?’ takes you into a comfort zone where you can sit back and assess your feelings.

Complete Control System: In this section, Ashley teaches you to take control of your emotions in a natural way. She recommends that you bring out your pent up feelings by jotting them down somewhere and keeping them aside. As you read your thoughts after sometime, you will notice an altered state of mind.  She appeals on focusing on solution instead of focusing on problem.

Table of Content Men

Table of Content Men

Again, in the Step 2 ‘What Really went wrong’, Ashley asks us to analyze the real cause of break up. It could be lack of chemistry, commitment, trust, or connection or misalignment of values.  She asks you to delve into your past and be honest about what really went wrong. It is important to know the exact reason for the break-up so that you can define a clear approach in trying to win your girl back. By knowing the cause of your breakup, you are preparing yourself to work towards the weak links of your past relationship.

Inside the Female mind:  She also asks you to understand why your ex is reacting in a particular way. It helps in understanding the female mind and prepares you for the journey ahead.

In section Two, Ashley breaks down the plan about how to get her back. However, before you start following the plan, it is best that you assess why you want your girlfriend back. This assessment will determine your approach during the plan. Be honest while assessing your needs.

II. The Plan: Step 1: Make her chase you:  In this module, Ashley speaks about improving your value. She asks you to bring out your unique qualities and capitalize on them. Do not sit back crying over your break up, divert your energy positively, and try to chart out your ambitions and follow them. Following your ambition will help you in regaining your confidence. Develop a confident attitude by practicing confident gestures and inner conversations.  Enhance your Man factor for next 30 days.

Levels of Conversational Intimacy

Levels of Conversational Intimacy

Step 2: The Seed letter: This explains how and when you should contact your ex. Apologize for your behavior and share some exciting news with her. Do something that prompts her to call you. You can also use different templates provided by Ashley in this chapter. These templates are created on basis of how your existing relationship with your ex is and can be helpful when you are stumped about making the contact.

Remove her resistance:  In this section, Ashley states that you should not contact your ex after sending the seed letter. She recommends focusing on discovering best part of you instead.  She prepares you to groom yourself and eliminate thoughts of your girlfriend.  This section motivates you to work towards enhancing your physical, emotional and spiritual self so that your ex girl sees you as a confident and charismatic person.

Ancient attraction techniques:  This section deals with your strategy in reviving your ex-girlfriend’s interest in you. It speaks about variety of direct and indirect methods that can be used to drive her crazy for you. Ashley breaks down the techniques as per the status of your existing relationship. Just follow her advice and see the magic unfold.

My final conclusion

Ashley Kay’s Ex Recovery System can work for you if you follow it thoroughly and patiently.  Do not rush in your efforts; follow Ashley’s advice to the tee as she uses deep psychological approach throughout the system. The system also offers bonuses like ‘Other person in your Ex’s life’ and Key to getting her commit’.

There are several other additional resources in the book that can help you in keeping your relationship strong. I strongly recommend that you be a proud owner of this book and learn the unconventional approach of winning your ex girl back with dignity.  This was one my favorite benefit of Ashley’s course, it helped me a lot to rebuild my charisma and self esteem. I don’t say that It was easy, but a crucial step for my healing.

One of the other from many benefits of this course is that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. For $47, it is definitely worth the investment.

So simply click here to buy Ashley Kay’s Ex Recovery System and get her back.

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