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As you know, Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex back product is one of my favorites mostly because the book exhibits a systematic and a logical method of winning your ex girl back through the fine art of text messaging. It’s simple, powerful and deep.

Idea of getting your ex back through messages may sound whimsical to many, but a detailed review of the book will reveal that the efficiency of this system lies in its simplicity and honesty.

Mike’s Text your ex back is designed for those who cherish their past relationship and want to win their ex girlfriend back for a fruitful relationship. If you want to get her back just to stroke your male ego or to dump her, then just forget about it. This program does not guarantee you success; it however will provide you an insightful idea about your relationship.  In the end, you may not always be able to win your ex back, but you will be able to see her feelings in a clear light.  Let us see how Mike helps us in winning her back through simple yet meaningful texts.

Text Your Ex Back System

Text Your Ex Back System

In the introductory chapter, Mike speaks about the 30- Day No Contact Rule. This is the cardinal rule for starting the program. You should cut off all forms of contact with your Ex. Mike, in fact recommends that you meet new women during this phase and eliminate the thought of your ex-girlfriend for minimum 30 days.  This cooling phase is ideal for bringing you to your senses and preparing you for the journey ahead.

Module 2 – Dumper & Dumped    

In this module, Mike has provided certain worksheets that will help you to assess the reasons behind the break-up. Many times, the reasons given at the time of the breakup may be superficial. Dumper and the Dumped module help you to get to the core reason of why you dumped her or why she dumped you. Answering the worksheet honestly will help you in finding and accepting the real reason for break up.  Answers to this module are the stepping-stones towards your journey of winning her back.

Module 3 – Big Goal

In this module, Mike asks you to visualize your reason for getting her back. He asks you to contemplate the exact nature of your relationship, is it just a fling or a long-term commitment. He also asks you to analyze if both of you are compatible in the relationship. This module also asks you to identify your status of relationship with your ex in order to carve out your approach towards getting her back. Your approach towards getting her back will be different if you on talking terms with her or if she is clearly quits with you.

Module 4 – Flight Check

List of Modules

List of Modules

In the Flight check module, Mike prepares you for taking the leap. He explains why it is important for you to forgive her (if she dumped you) and let go off the reason for break up. This module speaks more about self-appreciation. It works towards making you social and vibrant. Flight check module teaches you to love yourself and helps you to overcome your inhibitions. As Mike says, that we all are social and we should keep the vibrancy around us.

Module 5 – Text Judo

Text Judo is the corner stone of Text your ex back. In text Judo Module, Mike explains you how well timed messages can help in driving the nail home. This module totally relies on using your Ex’s existing emotions to create a positive note. It teaches you to open your ex’s mental channels in order to restart the communication on a positive note. In this module, Mike explains different types of Texts that you can use to channelize your Ex’s brain depending on the phase you are going through.

Module 6 – Across the Bow

In this Module, Mike prepares you to initiate the first contact with her after 30 days of being aloof. Across the bow, texts are designed in order to gently establish an affirmative rapport. Mike says that your across the bow texts should be positive and light. Don’t come across as somebody who is desperate to get her back as she is going to ignore you straight of the bat. Mike also tells us what should not be done while sending the across the bow texts to your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife.

Module 7- Prepping the Soil

Module 3

Module 3

In this module, Mike continues to unravel the systematic approach of winning your ex back with text messages. He speaks about the kind of messages that can create positive memories in your ex’s mind.  Mike provides detailed guidelines and examples of different texts that can be used for evoking a positive response.

Module 9 – Planting the seeds

Mike speaks about how you can make her realize the intimacy of your relationship. You can send an intimacy booster message that shows concerns or offer support without any strings attached.  Some messages could be casual like screening of her favorite movie or tour of her favorite band, but it will take her to a positive note of the relationship. This module provides effective examples of intimacy booster texts with examples that you could relate.

Module 10 – Reaping harvest

This is second last module and here Mike speaks about efforts and responses. It makes you understand that you may be able to connect with your ex girlfriend on a positive note or your may not be up to it.  This module teaches you to be in control of situation and allows you to spark up curiosity with loving texts or half texts. You may be surprised to see the results.

Final conclusion

Mike’s Text Your Ex back can work for you if you follow it thoroughly and patiently.  I made the word patience  bold  deliberately, because I already made a huge and very stupid mistake, when in one night I couldn’t handle my emotions, and I sent Timea a message telling her that my love is growing for her, and “Can we please start over?”

This was a turning point when she answered me by posting on her Facebook page that she is in a Relationship with another guy. So please don’t do that, learn, from my mistakes and follow Mike’s strategies as it is.

However, at the same time, evidently it may not be the right program for you if your ex has changed her number.  You can get your hands on this novel yet methodical approach of texting your ex back at just $47. I say, for you to get the upper hand, which is always good, it is definitely worth the investment. I am sure that you will also like the bonus materials in it, like: 100 ready to use texts, Facebook Romance Secrets and many more.

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