The EX Factor – create a brilliant second first impression on your Ex

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Brad Browning’s Ex Factor Guide is one of my personal favorite when it comes to any get your ex back books because this book is comprehensive. Brad uses simple language and easy to understand examples throughout the book.  You can relate to the emotions and situations in the book as Brad correctly identifies your state of mind and tells you how you can win your ex back. In the process, you also undergo a positive transformation.

You may or may not win your ex back with this book but you will definitely develop as a better and happier person. This book is for you, if you really love her and want her back. But forget about this book, if you just want to hook up or hurt her. Even if she did nasty things to you.

The EX Factor

The EX Factor

In his introductory chapter, The real reason you are alone, Brad Browning asks you to analyze the core reason for your break up. He explains that the most important thing to remember is that attraction cannot be forced. It just happens. You cannot sweep your ex girl off her feet in matter of seconds after the break up. You will need to give her space and time to heal the wounds before you approach her.

Chapter 2: Attractive Characteristics

In this chapter, Brad acquaints you with a list of qualities that women get attracted to. He explains that women love men who are confident and cool. They like to be with guys who are ambitious and fun.  He also explains that you need to be understanding and compassionate to win a woman. Being arrogant or cocky will not help you in winning a relationship. Be there to lead her and protect her and you shall sail through.

Chapter 3: Unattractive Characteristics

Brad explains the six deadly sins of a relationship. He states that over a period, men tend to control the relationship in excess. Too much of control or too much of clinginess is bad for your relationship. If you come across as a man who needs constant validation, then your relationship is sure to see troubled waters. Don’t be jealous and don’t cheat. All these characteristics are unattractive to women

Chapter 4: Panic and Acceptance

Table of Contents Men

Table of Contents Men

In this chapter, Brad explains that panic is not going to solve your problems. You may take all wrong steps in panic. Though panic is the most natural response to breakup, you cannot let it over-power you. Don’t spam her with your emails or messages.Don’t ever stalk her. The more you try to invade her space,she is going to shut you off. You cannot win her back unless you decide to whole heartedly accept that you two are no more a couple. You need to start afresh with her.

Chapter 5: Step One, No Contact!

This is one of the most crucial chapters. Brads recommends that you do not contact your ex-girlfriend for at least   31 days. This isolation is essential to create the missing feeling in the mind of your girlfriend. Avoid calling her, texting her or viewing her profile. Just focus on simple things that make you happy. Learn a new activity or join your old buddies. Do whatever it takes to divert your mind away from your ex. Use these 31 days to develop yourself and to heal yourself.

Chapter 6: Start Dating Other Women

No matter, how illogical it sounds, but it definitely works. Brad calls this technique as covert jealousy technique. He recommends that you meet up other women and go on casual dates. The key to doing this is to alleviate your pain and regain confidence. You must ensure that your ex-girlfriend gets to know about your casual dates and hangouts. You can do so by using social networking sites, common friends or instant messengers.

Chapter 7: What If She Contacts You

There are heavy chances that your ex-girl may contact you in case you have followed Brad’s instructions to the tee.  You shouldnot respond immediately.  Take your own sweet time in calling her back or messaging her. Let her feel that you are too busy. Never behave arrogant or rude with her. Whenever you speak to her, keep it brief and sound positive. Don’t even mention about your past relationship. Last but not the least, don’t be her emotional tampon.

Chapter 8: if She doesn’t Contact you

Chapter 2 - Attractive Characteristics

Chapter 2 – Attractive Characteristics

There are chances that your ex-girl may choose not to contact you cause she is still upset or because her friends are influencing her. In either case, you should initiate the contact. Brad explains how to break the ice after 31 days of no contact. He recommends that you come across casual and confident. Ask her for a cup of coffee and do tell her that maybe the breakup was for the best and you would not want to waste a friendship for it. You must not come across as needy or desperate. He also explains what you must do in case your ex turns down your offer.

Chapter 9: The ‘Date’

In case, your ex accepts to meet you. You should be prepared in advance. You must choose a decent place which does not have any memories associated with it. Brad recommends focusing on your body language and voice tonality to create a brilliant impression. Do not come across as someone who is trying to win her. Be casual and fun.

Chapter 10: Seduce Her

In this chapter, Brad advises that you get her attracted to you. Be flirtatious, tease her or even call her a funny nickname. Casually touch her and gauge her reaction. Use different kinesthetic approach to bring back the feeling of attraction.

Chapter 11: Sex

Brad recommends that you must seduce your Ex, but take some time before you indulge in sex. He also explains, how you must pay attention to her needs during sex. Love her and let her enjoy it.

My final conclusion

I highly recommend Brad Browning’s Ex factor guide. It is neat and compact. It does not contain any crappy advice. Brad lays down a clear and natural approach in winning her back. No mumbo jumbo, just deep-rooted physiological analysis and you can tune her to liking you back. Take stock of the situation and control your lovelife with this powerful book.

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