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Three Areas Pointing to the End of a Relationship

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Every couple longs for eternity. Unfortunately, forever challenges all couples regardless of how they started, what they have survived and the best of intentions. Being able to spot when things are coming off the rails in a relationship will allow everyone to assess what needs to be done to salvage it and if they wish more…

Social Media in Dealing

Four Simple Guides for Social Media in Dealing with an Ex

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Social media invades so many corners of life. It allows couples to meet, deepen their relationship and document the life cycle of their union. The one area social media causes far more harm than good rests in the space following a break up. Given the sensitive nature of an ex, people require a game plan more…

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Ticking Clock to Get Back with an Ex

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Rekindling a romance hits countless hurdles. One rarely addressed is how long does one have to reestablish a relationship with an ex. Though other questions exist, one needs to take time to evaluate multiple factors before rushing back into a situation filled with concerned. Taking a walk down this path requires a few steps before more…

Why Men Cheat

Why Men Cheat

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A range of reasons exist for infidelity to occur.   Looking at some of the key circumstances surrounding the breaking of trust, men seeking outside relationships may not know the extent to why they do what they do.   This does not excuse the behavior when a partner cheats. Bear in mind while looking at more…

Long Distance Relationships

Making Long Distance Relationships Work (infographic)

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Did you know that three out of four engaged couples have been in a long distance relationship? Interestingly, the average distance between long distance couples is 125 miles or 201 kilometers. In fact couples in long distance relationships visit each other 1.5 times on average every month.   There are 14 million estimated long distance more…

Vaccination Against a BreakUp

Three Vaccination Against a BreakUp

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No relationship rolls along without any bumps in the road. Once a crisis presents itself, couples discover pulling the relationship out of a downward spiral proves supremely difficult. Partners can take simple steps to smooth things out lowing the risk of an explosive end to the relationship. Though the steps sound easy, couples need to more…

Big Mistakes After a Break Up

Three Big Mistakes After a Break Up

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Recovering from the end of a relationship means the person in the midst of their pain must take steps to resist falling into some classic behavioral patterns placing them at greater risk in the future. It is easy at first pass to believe recovering from the heartbreak is paramount. While the importance of emotional recovery more…

Dating Apps

How Dating Apps Have Evolved Relationships (infographic)

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If you are not living under a rock, or have an internet phobia, then you certainly tried out a few dating apps and websites along the way. Maybe after your breakup or maybe just because you are sick of being alone, started to emerge into the world of online dating apps. Well… today I want more…

Pillars of Healthy Relationships

Five Pillars of Healthy Relationships

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Ask any architect, educator or psychiatric professional the basis of producing anything of quality able to stand the test of time and they will point toward a strong foundation as the initial criteria. Without a solid foundation, nothing lasts. A scary aspect of foundation building centers around keeping every portion solid. A weak spot threatens more…

Relational Strain Caused by Finances

Relational Strain Caused by Finances

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Money affects day to day life more than almost any other force. Religious texts and folk wisdom all speak to how money should be handled by individuals, couples and families. Talk to almost any couple, regardless of their financial standing, and they will likely confess the majority of their discussions center around money. Knowing the more…