Is Friendship Possible After a Bad Breakup?

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Romantic relationships are often built upon an already strong friendship between two individuals. From there, a relationship can blossom into something filled with blissful memories.

Not all romances last forever, though, and many of them falter at some point. Even the strongest bonds can be broken. Unfortunately, nothing is worse than an acrimonious relationship that ends badly for both parties involved.

Is Friendship Possible After a Bad Breakup

Can you be a “new” friend of your ex lover?

Countless arguments can follow that breakup, so can two individuals find friendship later on?

Friendship After a Relationship: Is it Possible?
Without a doubt, the real world is filled with countless examples of failed relationships breaking apart a friendship. Most individuals find it difficult to return to that old friendship, especially after an acrimonious breakup.

One person might desire that friendship once again, while the other wants nothing to do with them. Therefore, failed relationships often break apart the friendship for good, and that trend is hard to avoid. Certain people can succeed here once again.

It’s a Two-Way Street
Both individuals need to desire that friendly bond again, though. If only one person wants the relationship to resume, it becomes difficult for the other person to believe that it will ever blossom once again.

With that in mind, an individual who desires a friendly, platonic relationship should wait awhile to announce such desires. After a bad breakup, people tend to want nothing to do with their former significant other. Time doesn’t always heal all wounds, but it certainly makes rekindling a relationship more of a possibility.

Give It Time and Proceed Slowly
Broken relationships are the hardest bonds in the world to repair, even when a person only desires friendship. Still, an individual should consider contacting their former lover after a few months. It could be a simple text or e-mail asking how that person is doing.

A random encounter out in public poses a decent opportunity, too. Either way, a person should start the conversation slowly and focus upon the present instead of the past.

Focus On Everything But the Past
By keeping the conversation tied to the present, both individuals can focus on how they’ve grown. Acrimonious relationships are best forgotten, and a focused conversation helps achieve that goal.

A former lover is likely to be more receptive to a conversation about the present and future than the past. Obviously, nobody likes bringing up negative memories from a past relationship. At that point, one can bring up the notion of rekindling the friendship again.

Progress Won’t Happen Overnight Here
Sometimes, the other person will agree with that idea, but that’s no guarantee. Even if both parties agree, it’s always a smart idea to take things slowly.

An individual who tries to rush back into the relationship again may have ulterior motives. By proceeding slowly, a bond can be slowly formed once again. A rekindled friendship after an acrimonious relationship can sometimes be stronger than the original bond.

In the end, you’ll experience mixed results attempting to keep a friendship with your significant other after a breakup. Some people will be open to the idea, and others will resist such a notion flat out.

You shouldn’t press the issue right after a relationship ends, but it doesn’t hurt to try reviving that old friendship down the road. For obvious reasons, acrimonious breakups make holding onto a friendship much more difficult, but friendship, or even a more serious relationship, isn’t necessarily impossible.

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