Not Every Relationship is Worth Saving

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The best relationships face challenges which threaten to break them in half.

Today I want to share with you a delicate and painful subject about getting your ex back.


It’s about the question if your relationship worth saving or not. I also have to agree that not all of the bonds can be saved.


But let’s just dig more deep into this…


The best relationships face challenges which threaten to break them in half. Occasionally, one must determine if the relationship is headed in the right direction, how they are feeling in the midst of the relationship and finally if it is worth saving.
They will only know the answer by the problems they face, the bright spots keeping the relationship afloat and the presence of hope for the future. Seeing them all form into a cohesive unit will give one the solution to this difficult problem: the relationship is worth saving or not.


The Rocky Shore of Problems

Every relationship faces difficulty. If one does see any bumps in the road in retrospect, they can be assured an end looms in the near future. Couples aware of these areas may determine how far the relationship has gone and what they can do to move it back from the edge.


Fight Styles: Too much disagreement, unresolved fights and apathy when problems arise can be a clear indicator someone surrendered the relationship. Both parties should value the relationship enough to fight for it. This can manifest in small ways. A change from fiery to cold or visa versa often proves someone has cast their eye elsewhere.


Lacks Fire: Passion dwindles over the course of a relationship as couples remain together. Efforts in recreating the initial spark may ignite things short term. Where trouble truly rears its ugly head centers around a lack of effort toward the other person. Anniversaries pass without any acknowledgement or no flowers show up without any particular reason. Warm embers burst into flame with the right fuel, but no amount of wood will burn on cold coals.


Anemic Kindness: Remembering to treat others well rules almost every relationship. No one would shout profanities to a person letting them cut in line at the grocery store or ignore a meeting invitation from their boss without an explanation. The same holds true for those in a relationship. If someone cannot be bothered to extend even the simplest gestures of kindness, then trouble brews strong and dark.


Bright Lights Show the Way

As storms blot out the sun, love can break the clouds of a troubled relationship. Being aware of simple things demonstrating moments of brightness give reason to hope things might improve as the relationship grows.


* Fun Times: Seeing how the other person lights up at a particular place or engaged in an activity.
* Powerful Excitement: Yielding to the fluttering heart when getting to spend time with each other does not disappear.
* Deep Insight: Seeking the right way to be with one’s partner or their particular tastes.
* Received Reply: Hearing the love being showered on oneself needs acknowledgement.


These items, though small, lead to a sunlit field where a relationships can be assessed accurately. These should never blind a person to real problems. One places them in the positive category when determining the meaning of the relationship.


Hope Proves Challenging

By its very nature, one faces the hardest decision regarding the relationship around the highest hurdles. Most of these areas center around deep issues, long held desires and divisive personal choices. One needs to honest with themselves because they might present false hope to themselves and their partner.


Respect: Mutual respect on every level must exist. This does not mean partners fall into lockstep with one another. Better than utter agreement, they hear one another while neither ignoring their own feelings for the sake of peace or forcing others to do it for them.


Vision: Looking toward the future can be tricky. It become even more so when couples are not on the same page. Sparks may fly initially when opposites interact. Remembering fires start from single sparks can be one of the wisest courses of action. One needs a partner and not an adversary.


Forever: The hope of forever, though a tall order, requires one to believe and strive toward it even when questions arise. Relationships can weather several storms if both people want the same thing and move in the same direction. Love for one another while respecting themselves demonstrates the correct mindset for the future.


In the end, no one thing tells someone a relationship is or is not worth saving. Hearing back in several areas give them a clearer indication as to the stability of their foundation. Any couple that cannot talk and love one another through the problems will like find things lacking.


Those focusing on hope and light may surprise themselves with what and how strongly they will fight for the other person.

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