Men always say, that they want to date, and eventually marry a so called classy lady. But what exactly does classiness mean? For those, who aspire to be exceptional women, here are ten core characteristics of a classy lady.


1. A classy lady always dresses elegantly.

It is hard to define exactly what elegance means, but it certainly has something to do with the well-known phrase: less is more. This is the case also with accessories.


If you want to become a sophisticated woman you better not wear too many accessories. If you do, you might make a fashion mistake, and come across as ridiculous. Two or three accessories will be enough. So, yes, simplicity is something you might want to keep in mind, when you dress up. Simplicity is one of the characteristics of a classy lady.


Another thing you should pay attention to is to dress appropriately to the given occasion. Think through what kind of event are you going to while you are looking at your wardrobe. Do not overdress or underdress. 


Wrinkle free clothes are also criteria of a classy woman, who always irons her clothes. Simplicity is also recommended when it comes about your haircut: strive to the classic. Wear pearls and a discreet make-up.


2. A classy lady pays a lot of attention to cleanliness.

An important aspect to classiness is the matter of cleanliness. One cannot be sophisticated and dirty at the same time. Classy ladies are well groomed. They never neglect their appearance under any circumstances. Their nails are beautifully done, and their wrinkle free garments are always immaculate.


They spread their need for tidiness into their surroundings as well. They know that their home is a reflection of their personality, so they pay a lot of attention to the cleanliness of their closest surroundings. This, like the elegance is also an external aspect of the characteristics of a classy lady. It cannot be neglected.


3. A classy lady is confident.

One of the internal qualities of an elegant woman is that she knows what she’s worth. Never belittles herself. She has a high sense of self worth. Although she is confident, she is like that in a humble, modest manner. A classy woman never tries to prove her self-confidence to anybody, or to brag about her accomplishments. She knows that actions speak for themselves. She has dignity even in her little finger, that comes from the fact that she respects herself. Thus, she also has a great posture, as that is what speaks about her inner qualities. 


“She has dignity even in her little finger, that comes from the fact that she respects herself.”

A classy woman is not afraid to engage in playful banter, as she possesses wit and intellect, and she is at home in the art of conversation. Amongst all in all situations she is poised, but not a stuck-up. Her humbleness pervades all her actions and words. This is another one of the characteristics of a classy lady.


4. A classy lady is well-mannered.

This might even become clear in the habit of turning her cell-phone off, while at dinner, especially if she is with a partner. She is aware of the fact that politeness is above everything. This belongs to the core characteristics of a classy lady.


A classy lady knows how to listen, without interrupting her speaking partner. She uses polite language with everyone and treats people respectfully.


However, there are cases, when a woman has to say no, but when a classy lady refuses someone or something, she does that in a polite manner. If you wish to become a lady like this, you better think, before you speak, and utter the words only, if you found that what you say will not do any harm to anyone. This takes a little bit of consideration. It also takes consideration not to point out other people’s faults, and to stop belittling them, also avoiding gossip. A classy lady thinks more of herself and of others, that she does not engage in base behavior. Not only her clothes, but also her behavior is immaculate.


Of course, there are cases, when her anger arises, as we are all human, but classy people stay calm in those situations also, they respond to the issue, not to the person. So, express your anger moderately.


Shouting, shrieking, and above all, cursing, are not ladylike. They do not belong to the characteristics of a classy lady. Complaining also lessens your class. Keep your problems to you and to your closest acquaintances. Patience is also one of the inner characteristics of a classy lady. Still, it might happen that we make mistakes. If so, apologize. But do this too in a humble, simple manner.


5. A classy lady has a good heart.

A classy lady’s confidence comes from knowing, that she is a good person. And she proves that on all areas of life. All her actions are pervaded and directed by her positivity and genuine kindness.


She makes sure that she remembers the birthdays of all her family members, friends and acquaintances. She is empathetic, and does not refrain from listening to people, or their problems. She helps effectively, if she can, or if the need arises. Doing small favors, generosities to others is also a constant habit of hers.


“All her actions are pervaded and directed by her positivity and genuine kindness.”

A sophisticated woman always tries to put people around her in a good mood. She makes sure that those in her company feel good. This is why she is an excellent host of dinner parties. She compliments others, but only if she means it. Dishonesty can be detected easier than we think, so let’s pay only sincere compliments.


She constantly experiences gratitude and always expresses it to others, even if by sending thank you cards, or text messages. A non-negligible aspect to classiness is the faith in God/the universe. This is where from she draws her strength. Kindness is rooted in a classy woman’s religious faith, and her genteel personality praises God.


8. A classy lady is always positive.

High-class women radiate. They ooze positivity and love. This is probably the most attractive one of the characteristics of a classy lady. Classy women are never mean. They are strongly aware of the fact that if they put out love to the world, they will get love back. So, let love flow through you, through your words and actions. Focus on the good traits in other people. Love people. And you will get love back in return. You will make not only other people’s life much nicer, but your own too.


A classy lady knows the worth of a smile. There is no other more effective way to spread love and positivity than with a smile. Smile as much as you can. Even more.


A classy woman is aware that she is the one who controls her life and her happiness. So, go ahead, do more of what makes you happy, be that cooking, gardening or traveling. Happiness attracts like a magnet. Enjoy the moment and never lose your zest for life. Make sure that you have ambitions, set out goals for yourself, and pursue them with unstoppable optimism.


9. A classy lady is skillful.

Her positive self-image is built upon a lot of knowledge and learnt lessons. I am not talking only about formal education, but about small, practical skills. Skills like knowing how to make a good Martini or how to open a bottle of champagne. She doesn’t get confused if her man asks her to tie his tuxedo tie. She also knows how to dance with elegance and grace. These are characteristics of a classy lady one can acquire through practice. A classy lady is talented in all areas of life, because she is constantly seeking self-development.


“A classy lady is talented in all areas of life, because she is constantly seeking self-development.”

10. A classy lady uses nice language.

A sophisticated woman understands that the language one uses is important. The language one uses, comes from one’s way of thinking, it represents one’s mind and heart. So as a classy lady, refrain from using vulgar or foul language. Avoid words that are trashy or suggest lack of refinement.


How you express yourself, matters. But the way you utter the words is also important. Do not mumble. When you speak, speak clearly, so everyone can hear and understand you. This is especially important when you greet somebody, because if you speak inaudibly, one might think, that you did not salute him/her, you do not respect them so much as to greet them. This might lead to misunderstandings and even to gall.


A classy lady addresses to her elders as „Sir” or „Madam”, because she is respectful and has good manners. Also, when saying „yes” she adds „please” and when she says „no”, she adds „thank you”. These are small gestures that make all the difference, and tell a lot about your status and your state of mind. Be courtly in your speech, even if it seems a littel bit old-fashioned. People will respond to you in the same way.


Not only does a classy woman talk nicely, but also just enough. Do not talk too much, because that is rude. Insecure people tend to talk too much. Braginng is another characteristic of insecure people, don’t act like that.


Classiness never goes out of style, and there is no age limit to it. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you can always strive to become a classy lady. And if you will become one, you will automatically evoke respect from your environment. Take a look at all of the classy women in history, collect pictures of them, and post the pictures somewhere where you can see them. They can serve as role models for you.

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