Emotional neediness can kill your chance of making up with your ex boyfriend. Here’s how you can regain control of your emotions…

How to Faster, Easier and Less Painlessly Get Yourself Emotionally Ready to Re-Attract Your Ex Boyfriend

“I know I should be strong and let him be, but I miss him so much!”

Sound familiar?

If you are reading this right now, I’m guessing you just gone through a major heart piercing breakup, chances are you are sitting there with your emotions going all over the place…


…at one moment you feel as if everything that has happened is his fault and if only he would have done this ONE thing different…but then your emotions take a wild turn and you feel as if you are the one to blame for the breakup.

The feeling of regret and guilt is overwhelming. 


I know exactly how you feel. I was right there in that same frightening dark place not too long ago. I felt as if someone would try to rip my soul out of my body. It was an unparalleled emotional experience for me.

It was pain that I would have never been able to imagine or empathize with if it wasn’t for me going through it first-hand. I’ve walked in your shoes…it also feels like walking through a dirty glass field terrain with open toed sandals that are falling apart.

No matter where you try to step, every way there is pain waiting for you.


That was the time when I made a promise to myself: I will help as many people as I can to get their special one back so that they will NEVER have to experience that level of pain that comes when you lose someone you have a real deep connection with ever again.

…and YES, I’ve made those stupid desperate calls and texts, and just to be completely honest with you, I’ve made a complete fool of myself…more times than once.


I don’t want you to experience the same misfortunate outcomes that I have faced when making all the wrong choices and taking all the wrong initial steps when trying to get my ex back. I’ve been humiliated, ignored, and “slapped in the face”…and that isn’t even touching the surface of some of the other things that has happened to me.

That’s because I was needy, insecure and desperate. I was emotionally way off balance.

I know you are probably asking yourself the following questions:

  • Yes but how can I get my emotions in control when I miss him so much?
  • How can I face the overwhelming pain that I experiencing right now?
  • Can I Re-Attract him in a way so that the fire of our relationship will be rekindled?

You may be feeling hopeless and even thinking, “Their just is no way to fix this. I really screwed up BIG this time.”

But I am here to tell you that there is a chance to make up with your ex boyfriend for good.  

Right now you can’t afford the burden of guessing what work and what is not…

…you need simple but effective methods for getting you to the right emotional state
 by going through the healing process of a broken heart.

In other words, you need a “Prescription” that can show you the simple remedies to ease your breakup pain and gradually prepare your emotional state for Re-attracting and facing your ex boyfriend.

That’s why I created…

The Post Breakup Prescription

The Post Breakup Prescription is a downloadable ebook written by me and designed to help you get through these first few rough patches so that you can become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally in order to increase your chance of getting your ex boyfriend back.

What you will find in this resource is not some theoretical ideas, but proven practical advice that I tested countless times and got results not just after my own breakup but also after my clients painful heartbreaks.

One-step at a time, this resource will help you to get through the emotional roller-coaster that you are on right now and get you ready – mind, body, and spirit –  for approaching the love of your life. 

Because your heart has been broken, emotional, mental, and spiritual “blood” as seeped through the openings (the cuts of your heart) and have now flowed throughout the three main parts that make you who you are.


3 Parts That Need Healing…

As you may already know, you and I are both made up of three parts – mind, body, and spirit (or soul). What you may not know is that it’s the heart that connects each of these three parts, and keeps them working in a healthy way.

I know for a fact that the first step to achieving any positive goal (in your case getting back with your ex boyfriend) is to first develop the mindset and emotional perspective necessary to achieve that desired goal. If that is the goal that you have set for yourself, this valuable book is exactly what you need to be prepared in order to be able to re-attract him into your life for good.

The steps in this eBook contains advice and remedies for:

  • The Healing Process of the Mind – Discover how to empty your mind from your ex and from the pain that has been caused from the breakup.
  • The Healing Process of the Body – Discover some healthy eating habits and exercise advice that will strengthen your body as well your mind.
  • The Healing Process of the Spirit/Soul – The most difficult part of the healing process…discover how to regain the joy and love that you once had.

The tips and advice that you implement through the three parts of this healing process are designed so that you come away from the challenge of overcoming this pain and stepping into a new lively, joyful, and healthier you.

Who is the eBook For?

The Post Breakup Prescription
is for women at different stages in their heartbreaking emotionally roller-coaster breakup:

  • You’ve just broke up and you are just entering into that emotional whirlwind that I mentioned earlier.
  • You’ve been a broken up for a while but you are still in love with your ex boyfriend and want him back, but not feeling ready to make contact.
  • You’ve been broken up for a long time (+1 year), but your feelings for him are still so strong that you can’t quite control them.

What You’ll Learn Inside This Book:

 How to face the overwhelming pain that you’re experiencing right now…

✓ Where to find natural antidepressants to help you feel better…

✓ What’s the best diet for this challenging time…

✓ What should you strictly NOT do during this time…

✓ How to get rid of the Pain, Anger and Sadness…

✓ How to change your perspective about your ex boyfriend being the perfect man…

✓ Should you or should not get rid of everything that belongs to him…

✓ What to do in order to build up your self confidence again

✓ What things to focus on while your heart needs to heal…

✓ What interesting temporary routines you can apply to shift your focus from the past…

✓ Discover the best strategy that will help you see your relationship from an outside perspective…

✓ Who are the real people you need to spend time with…

✓ Is crying good or bad after the breakup…

✓ What activities to engage into, so you can experience the joy of life again…

✓ How long will it take to get through this dark times…

✓ How to learn from your mistakes and never make them when you will make up with him…

… And Much More.


Once you have completed your journey through this eBook you will have become stronger, more compassionate, and understanding than you have ever been.


Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have. You can’t give out of your abundance (joy, love, respect, compassion, etc.) until you have an abundance to take out of. That is what this resource will help you to do. It will help increase your abundance and make you the kind of woman your ex boyfriend will want back.


After reading and applying The Post Breakup Prescription you’ll have transformed your rollercoaster emotional state into a valuable healthy state to serve you as an asset. You can’t contact your ex boyfriend as long as you’re feeling like a mess. 

Don’t Try To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Without This Book!

Seriously….don’t do it.


In just a short period from now, you could be saying good-bye to the heartache, becoming more self-confident, and finally becoming the kind of woman your ex boyfriend will want to take back….

…instead of you running back to him, he will be the one wanting you back.


Why risk making a HUGE mistake during this emotional roller-coaster period when you should be moving your way through the healing process.


This eBook is proven and is simple to follow…


…you just need to implement the remedies inside. It is that easy!


After the breakup there are so many mistakes that can be made. Now it’s time for you to know how to proceed after the split, BUT before you make contact with your ex boyfriend.


Start Putting Back the Pieces of Your Broken Heart Today…


To be honest with you, in the past I have ONLY shared this with a very small group of my clients. But, for a limited time, I wanted to make this resource available to everyone that could benefit from it.


Normally this eBook sell for $27, but today I’ll let you have instant access to this digital book for just $7.

Yep, just $7…


Remember, I know exactly how you feel right now, and I am sure I could think of a few things that you would want to do with that $7. You may want to go out and buy you some liquor (a HUGE no no at a time like this), or maybe a salad at KFC…or


You could have this entire guide that shows you exactly what to do during this most difficult emotional time of your life, so you don’t screw up your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back.


The choice is yours…

Click the button below and start your journey towards winning your ex boyfriend back.

Frequently asked questions

Q – I really messed up with my ex boyfriend… can I still learn from this ebook?

Yes! Even if your mistake was an astronomic one, you can still gleam from and learn from this resource. In fact, you are the kind of woman I would recommend reading this ebook.

You aren’t the only one that has messed up HUGE with an ex boyfriend. Essentially, what I have done is taken this 13 remedies or healing process that I tested (and practiced on myself during one of my astronomic screw ups) and created a guide that any classy woman can use to get through this difficult time.

You’ve heard the saying, “Just take one step at a time”? Well, that is exactly what I recommend you do through this eBook. Take each remedy one-step at a time and implement it.

Q – How long until I get access to it?

Immediately. This eBook is standing-by for your download request. As soon as you make your order, you’ll get access to the download page.

Being the first one, I may make some additions and “tweaks” to this ebook over time, but this isn’t some kind of “time release” or anything. It’s all there, ready to go.

Q – Is there a guarantee?

Yep. Everything I offer is covered by a 30-day, no questions asked, “Changed Your Mind” guarantee.

If you aren’t happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back. No harm no foul. If you just change your mind (hey, it happens), I understand and won’t hold a grudge. I obviously don’t think it’ll come to that. In my experience, very few change their mind. But if you do – for whatever reason – just send me and email and you’ll get it back.

Q – Why $7?

$7 is cheap, so you might be wondering why I’m doing this. After all, I’m not getting rich off $7…even if a large number of orders come in…I’m still not going to be able to take the net-profits from those orders and pay any of my personal bills – just saying.

Here’s why I am charging $7…

First, it weeds out the freebie seekers. Anyone who’s not serious enough about their relationship to invest $7 into this ebook isn’t going to take the time to use the methods laid out in the guide anyway.

Secondly, it is affordable for everybody on my list (and even for those that aren’t on my list), including those who are rubbing those two pennies together down to the lead.

Third, I want to give back to as many heartbroken women as I can, who wants to experience the practicality of information I offer and later on can also try my Personalized Breakup Consultation Services.

Just calling it like it is. I’d love to have you join my community, but you’re under no obligation to do so. This eBook is a way to try one of my resources out with zero commitment.

Do You Want to Feel His Love and Devotion Again?

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  • A resource that can increase your chance of re-attracting him into your life forever 
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