3 Ways to Take Date Night from Ho-Hum to Oh-So-Much-Fun!

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Date night is quickly becoming an American institution when it comes to putting the spark back into fading marriages or simply keeping the home fires from burning out altogether. The problem is, many couples are forgetting what date night is really about. Instead of taking the initiative and seeking out new and exciting date night ideas, many couples fall back on a few old standards. Once in a while, these standard date night activities are excellent. However, when they become the normal routine for your weekly date night, it takes the fun and excitement out of date night completely.

So, what should you do to fill the love of your life with excitement about date night? Try these things on for size.

1) Take Turns Planning Your Date Night Activities

If one person is left doing all the planning, things can get old really quick. More importantly, it doesn’t place all the pressure on the shoulders of one of you. The ultimate benefit though is that you’ll be able to try new things you may never experience if one person does all the planning. Some date night events will be hits, others will be misses. The key is that both of you plan with mutual enjoyment of the evening in mind.

2) Avoid Repeats Within a Two-Month Period

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat at the same restaurant for two months, though that would certainly be nice as well. What it does mean is that you should avoid repeating the same date experience (dinner and a movie, date night in, picnic theme, etc.) in two months. It may be a bit of a challenge but if you flex your creative muscles it’s totally doable. The most it will mean is nine weeks before you can repeat a date night theme.

3) Make it Fun!

Date night doesn’t have to take place at night and it doesn’t, necessarily, have to involve acting like grownups. There are plenty of fun ways to bring on a little romantic fun for the two of you.

* Race car experience
* Tandem sky diving
* Bungee jumping
* Paint ball
* Laser tag
* Bowling
* Roller skating/blading
* Snow skiing
* Ice skiing
* Ice skating
* Rock climbing
* Minor league sporting event
* College sporting event
* Swimming
* Boating
* Tubing
* Water skiing
* Jet skiing
* Parasailing
* Four wheeler riding
* Horseback riding
* Music concert
* Wine tasting/tours
* Pottery/Painting

These are all excellent date night choices that don’t cost an outrageous amount of money and can be a ton of fun for both of you to experience. You don’t have to go out of the way, or even off the beaten path to find great date night experiences you’re sure to cherish.

With so many exciting options available, date night should never be boring again. Don’t forget to look back in your own dating history to dates that really stand out as fun for both of you. It’s always good to recreate special experiences for celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries too.

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