Catch a Good Man by Being Good Prey

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All men are inherently hunters. They all possess a natural instinct to hunt and track down what they desire before they go for the kill. It’s been this way since the beginning of time and will likely never change.

And even though today our world is filled to the brim with technology, our DNA remains unchanged at the core level. Therefore, men are naturally compelled to hunt whether it’s animals or women.

Some women dislike the fact they’re viewed as prey and therefore turned off by predatory men. But the fact remains the same; a man is a man – period.

So, if a female wants to catch a man that’s actually worth catching, the trick is to let him “think” you are his prey. The following ideas offer a few suggestions on how to successfully turn the tables so that you can boost your chances of landing the perfect man.

1. Always Look Your Best

Men are visual creatures. Whether we like or not, men desire women who look good, especially these days.

While a man isn’t necessarily looking for a perfect supermodel type of woman, he is however trying to find the ideal woman who meets his standards in terms of shape, size, intellect, and age.

So, that means wherever you go, you should try to look your best in case you run into Mr. Right. Men are greatly influenced by first impressions. Who knew?

2. Get Social

You must get out there and socialize if you’re ever going to be hunted down by a worthy hunter. First, let men notice the extraordinary creature you are so they’ll want to pursue you. In other words, draw out his baser instincts.

Don’t be afraid to engage in interesting conversation, smile, and have fun interacting with men. For some women, this is stepping out of their comfort zone. How are you going to find the perfect man if you never leave the house?

3. Beware of the Player Hunter

You don’t want the player hunter. Opposite of a player, a real man wants to settle down and spend his life with a caring woman and likely start a family.

It’s important to note you should never try to force any man to settle down. Some men take longer than others to “sow their oats”. Although a player hunter will not want to settle down with you, he still may be interested.

He’s the type that will ignore you for a day or so and then suddenly sweep you off your feet the next. Beware. This is not the kind of man you want to give your heart away to.
He’s a user and a womanizing manipulator. He’ll hold onto you until the next best thing comes along; and when it does, you’ll quickly be shuffled to the back burner. Guard yourself against the player hunter. You are worth so much more.

4. A Man in Love Shows It
When a man falls in love and decides you’re the “one”, he will treat you like a queen, climb mountains for you, and bend over backwards to put a smile on your face (assuming he’s a decent man).

He’s all about the follow through as well. He calls when he says he’s going to call, shows you off to his family and friends, and treats you the way you deserve to be treated. He is the (good) hunter and you are his prize.

Keep the faith. Mr. Right could be around the next corner, so be ready. And remember, let the man pursue you – it’s supposed to be fun.

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