Food for Love? Libido Lifting Food for Your Next Date Night

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Want to try something new and different to turn your traditional date night on its ear? Have you considered a date night filled with foods designed to heighten awareness and boost libido? In any relationship, it can lead to a few truly interesting propositions and, perhaps, more than a few delightful dilemmas.


You don’t have to walk around the block too many times before hearing about the widely held believe that oysters have an almost mystical aphrodisiac affect on those who consume them raw. Science has uncovered a wealth of zinc in oysters which actually boosts testosterone making it a potent force, indeed, for the men who consume them. Consuming oysters raw is necessary for the most powerful benefit though any form is sure to help if your libido is truly lacking these days.


Because of the potency of this particular dish, Spanish priests once forbade parishioners from eating avocados for fear that it would incite lustful thoughts. The large amounts of vitamin B6 and potassium in avocados does make them an excellent food to include in your next libido bringing date night meal — as they are famous for raising libidos in men and women alike.


It’s the capsaicin in chilies that leaves people who consume this spicy little number feeling more than a little burst of natural endorphin – stimulated libido action. Whether you consume them without anything else to water them down or chopped and included in prepared meals, the results are quite impressive.


Though most commonly associated with women and romantic feelings, the truth of the matter is that the phenylethylamine in chocolate triggers the production of serotonin and endorphins which are both known to take you happy places.

Date night is an important part of any adult relationship. Eating the right foods during your date night can all but ensure you’ll get a happy ending for your evening. Use these foods responsibly and make sure you’re both sure to be happy with the outcome. The real key, however, is to present these foods in a manner that isn’t exactly obvious.

• Create a menu ahead of time.
• Don’t provide any of the foods on the list in isolation – make them part of a bigger picture for the evening.
• Have fun playing around with the theme.
• Don’t be afraid to try new things for similar results.

Once you add these dishes to your date night repertoire, you’re sure to find new challenges for creative date night meals and locations. Above all else, date night should be a time for the two of you to relax, unwind, and let your hair down together.

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