If you have recently gone through a breakup, you would be questioning the choices you made. Breakups are hard to get over with because of the time, patience, and care invested in it.  


The person you held the dearest to your heart is suddenly miles apart. Wouldn’t you want to know if there is something left between you and your ex-boyfriend? Does he still care? How can you tell if he is still into you? What are the signs and what it is that you can do in such a case?  


Did you know there are certain ways to find out if your ex-boyfriend still cares for you or if he still loves you? Do you need advice on what it is that you should do after finding out that he still has feelings for you?   After your break up you would probably be wondering “Does he still care?”  


Well yes, he does. No matter what happens, when you’ve spent a long time with someone in a relationship, you develop feelings for them and these feelings don’t go away easily or they don’t go away at all. So rather than asking yourself “Does he still care?” you should find ways to make him realize that he still has feelings for you.  


If you’re not certain about whether he likes or he doesn’t, you can tell that he does if you see some of the following signs in his behavior and attitude.  


Humans are complicated; yet they depict typical behavior under identical situations. It really is a science. To find answer to your question; find one or more of the below in your ex-boyfriend.



Acting strange around you    


After your relationship has ended, neither one of you may be ready to let go of the other. You can tell by the way your ex-boyfriend interacts with you.  


Is he angry at you for no reason? Is he quieter than usual?   He may even keep his distance isolate himself but then again isn’t this everything he used to do when he was mad or angry at you while he was in a relationship with you?  


This strange behavior tells us that he is hurting. He is not comfortable with the current arrangement. Most importantly, he is still confused about the breakup.



Texting You


You can tell he cares, rather than asking yourself “does he still care?” by the texts he sends you even though he is not big at texting.  


You should look at the behavior of your ex-boyfriend from a more objective perspective. You should also see how often he gets in touch with you. If he texts or calls you every now and then that that’s a big yes to your question “does he still care?”



Talks to you for no reason


It can also be perceived that he still cares if he texts, calls or emails you asking how you’re doing or what you’re up to and with no certain reason.    


Don’t take these texts or calls much seriously though, it can only be a sign that your ex still wants to be your friend and may be asking you everything as a friend with an attempt of staying friends.



Drunk Dials you


Another way you can be sure that he still loves you and cares for you is if he drunk dials you.  


If he does, then you should be able to tell that he still has feelings for you and there’s something keeping him from being in touch with you and that something is what he hasn’t been able to work through.



Needlessly asks for your opinion


Does he still care? Well, another way to answer that question is by looking at the context of his conversations with you, do his conversations steer into deeper topics? Does he talk to you about his life goals?  


If he does all of this and he always tries to contact you to ask you for advice and to ask you for your opinion then yes, he still cares for you and yes he still cares for you if you ever hear a pet name that he used to call you with when you guys were together. Him calling you by the pet name that he used to call you with when both of you were together can indicate that he still thinks of you that way.



Jumps to reply to your texts


You can also note the time period it takes him to respond to your calls or texts. If he constantly ignores your texts or takes days to respond can mean that he doesn’t miss you that much but then again missing and caring for someone is different.  


There is a fine line between missing someone and to care for someone. Rather than asking yourself does he still miss me, you should focus on the issue at hand “Does he still care?”



Still Not Sure?


As the saying goes “the hottest loves have the coldest ends”. You can presume that you once were indeed very close and very tight which you no longer are but this doesn’t mean that he has stopped caring for you.  


Whereas you think he has gone forever and you may end up getting shivers down your spine it could possibly be not true.



Bonus Signs

Still can’t decide whether he is into you or not? Worry not! Check out these bonus signs below:



Hot and Cold


Well if he still loves you or cares for you, his behavior can be hot and cold at times. At one time he can be texting you throughout and at one time he can act as you don’t even exist.  


This shows that he still cares for you and he still is in love with you. At the same time, he knows that he still wants you and somewhere deep down he isn’t ready to let go of you but he also knows that the relationship between you two wasn’t working out hence, he gets hot and cold every now and then.  


When he’s getting hot and cold don’t call or text him much or else you will push him even further away.



Tries to make you Jealous


You can stop asking yourself that “does he still care?” if he tries to make you jealous by posting pictures of him with hot girls on social media which makes you talk to your old friends or his friends telling them about what he’s up to and what he has been doing and how many dates have he been going to.  


He does all this to make you want him even more but then again don’t assume that he wants to get back with you. You broke up for a reason and remember that reason hasn’t disappeared, it’s still there and it will never go away just because you miss each other.



Reaches out to you


Another sign is that he reaches out to you even when you told him not to, it is good to be away from that person and detox yourself, emotionally. This can also be hard because now you have a vacant and hollow feeling that you never had when you were with someone, you start feeling alone.  


During this course of time don’t forget that he is going through the same thing too and don’t give in, wait he will contact you and if he does, know that he still cares or loves you.    


Meanwhile, you will be able to see that either one of you was wrong or you may end up realizing that the relationship is worth another shot.   Moreover, if you tell him to let you be and he can’t that means that he still loves you and wants you with him no matter what.    


Remember that it won’t be hard for a guy, to let you be yourself, who is over you. The guy you mean something to will have a feeling a feeling that you may end up being with someone else hence, he will get in touch with you sooner than you think.



Wait for him to take the first step


Follow this advice and don’t initiate contact with him, let him take the first step. Even when he calls or texts don’t respond right away else you will have a satisfaction that he still reaches out to you and when he won’t do what he does you will end up disappointed.  


I recommend that you take time to yourself, build yourself up, stabilize your emotions and try to find happiness somewhere else, in something else rather than relying on him for happiness.   


So there you have it. I am pretty sure that after reading through this article you must have a clear idea about how much he is still into you.

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