A breakup may be a conscious decision, but our subconscious plays a great part in its design. Either lover may break up and yet feel lonely, desperate or passionate about the other.


These emotional traits are retained by your subconscious and eventually make their appearance in your dreams. They frequency depends on the intensity of the feelings being present in the relationship.


In dreams, we often see the angst, love, passion, reciprocation and even distress signals that the other half sends in real life.


In this article, I will analyse some of the common dreams post-breakups and their interpretations. For convenience, I assume you as the dreamer throughout the article. Let’s see what dreams about your ex boyfriend you may have or have had.


Dream that he thinks of you


Obviously, you and him will take differently to the breakup (generally, the person taking the breakup decision reacts easier). The other person may even have been shocked or surprised by the decision, looking for answers or reasons.


In case it were you who broke up, you are likely to see a dream where he is digging for answers or seeking a closure; finding out whether the breakup is permanent or not. He may also be seen bidding to make amends in the relation and trying to reconcile.


Dream of a hostile ex boyfriend


If you encounter a dream where he is very hostile and angry, it is clear that he is looking for ways to release his pent-up energy. You may even attempt to relieve him of his mental disturbance through meditation.


In case in your dreams about your ex boyfriend he is actually pursuing you like a Devil, wishing you to change your decision, he may appear too dangerous or aggressive.


If you were the victim in the relation and the hostile party in the dream, it may be that you are letting off the anger you could not in actual relation. This is an indication that you need release from the relation-related anger and tension.



Dream of sex and passion


If in your dreams about your ex boyfriend, you engage in sex or passionate love with him, it may be a reminder of the great times you both had in bed. It may be that he is not currently too bothered by the breakup.


If your dream also has emotional outbreaks, it means you or your ex boyfriend wishes to resume the relation (assume that the person who is teary-eyed in dream is the person wishing for making up).


This dream also points to the fact that physical intimacy was the main reason why your relation blossomed in the first place. This is a clue that you should try reuniting with happy thoughts, burying and forgetting past differences.


More importantly, if the sex in dream is mutual and both you and him appear enjoying it thoroughly, it means you both desire a reunion in actual life, perhaps mainly because of it.


Dream with eye contact


Now, the eye-contact that your ex boyfriend makes in your dream is a tell-tale sign of how he feels about the relation in real life. Let’s go through different situations.


In case that he doesn’t even look at you (in the dream) and keeps gazing or staring other things, it suggests that he is all right without you and doesn’t anymore want you back in his life.


If he happens to face you and yet shies from eye contact, he is still reluctant towards the relation to proceed. Now, there are two angles here. If he keeps looking downwards, it means he doesn’t think of you and does so only negatively.


However, if he looks up rather than down or away, it indicates he is hoping to be guided by the ‘Man’ above; looking for a clue whether he should reunite with you or not. This is a positive dream in a sense, provided you wish to reconnect with him.


If he keeps shifting his gaze, and eyeing another woman, it suggests he wants someone in his life. If the dream reflects on a situation when you were actually with him, it indicates that he has been willing to move in with that someone else for a good time.


If on the other hand, he looks eye- to-eye at you, it means he is ready to discuss things with you and is clear about what he wants in life.


Dream of distress


If your ex boyfriend is actually in distress or needs help, you may see him in similar condition in the dream. The clarity of the distress signal depends on the strength of your relation before the breakup.


If you see yourself in distress crying out for him, it means he is also getting to learn about your pitiable situation in his dreams.


Dream with little details


In every dream, little things happen, which actually hold close to our hearts in real life. If you keep seeing the details, say, a particular flower he liked to sketch or a song dear to him, it means you are both feeling for each other and yearning to reunite.


You may dream of winter, rising Sun or a green room and notice that all are actually his favorites. This is an indication that he is reaching for you.


Write down the important details you envision in your dreams about your ex boyfriend. How is he behaving? What is the dream environment? Are your mutual friends standing by you or your ex boyfriend?

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