8 Signs You Can Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

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If you want to know the signs you can get your ex boyfriend back, look no further. You have found the right place.


When a relationship ends, it’s normal for both parties to want to show the other that they have moved on. It’s the time to say goodbye to the things that are not working and hello to new adventures ahead. You were on your way to the new you already, trying to have a new life and trying to forget him, but all of a sudden you realize that you miss your ex terribly. In fact, you’re now certain that you want him back. You’ve thought this through and figured that it isn’t just a phase of missing your comfort zone but that you actually love your ex. But does he feel the same way or is it too late?


Here are some signs you can get your ex boyfriend back:


Sign #1: He Calls/texts You A Lot

Men give high importance to their pride. They want to show you how over you they are, especially if you’re the one who dumped them. They want to make you feel like you’ve lost something that you can never have back. If he calls and texts you a lot (read: not just when he’s drunk), it means he just can’t help it. He’s trying his best not to show his true feelings but he just can’t NOT text you because he still has feelings for you. He can’t bear the idea that you’re slowly forgetting him so he wants to be present in your life still, even just through texts.


Sign #2: He Says He Misses You

If he isn’t only texting “‘Sup” and “Heeeeeey”, and is in fact telling you that he misses you, then it’s pretty clear that he does miss you and sees value in the relationship that you had. However, missing someone doesn’t mean that you should get back together. It doesn’t solve anything. It’s just an emotion, no different from being scared, being sad, being happy. But of course, it is indeed a sign that you can still get him back. It’s almost impossible to get back together if the guy doesn’t miss you anymore.


Sign #3: He Is Not Dating Anyone Else

Actually, even if he’s dating someone else, it doesn’t automatically mean he’s over you. There are so many couples that get back together even if they’re both in serious relationships simply because they realize they’re meant to be. It’s hard to tell on the surface though. What’s easier to tell is when he is not dating. That clearly means there’s no other girl he’s interested in and that he’s probably waiting for you because he simply can’t imagine himself kissing someone else.


Sign #4: He Talks To You Behind His GF’s Back (IF He Has One)

So let’s say it’s been two years since you broke up and your ex has a girlfriend already. One night, he sends you a message and now you’re text buddies. You can even feel that you’re bonded now more than ever! Of course, his girlfriend doesn’t know you’re texting because he’s afraid that she’d stop him from contacting you. He’s risking his current relationship just to check on you. If we’re talking about chances, then yes you have a high chance of getting him back.


Sign #5: Breaking Up Is “Part of Your Relationship Routine”

You have strong personalities and you always break up and make up. It’s toxic and you know it but it seems like that’s how you reignite your passion or blow off steam. You’ve been this way for years now that even your friends roll their eyes when you tell them for the nth time that you’re single again. No matter how serious it may seem this time, chances are this breakup is just another one of those break-ups that doesn’t last a week. Go ahead and call the guy and please try to make your relationship less dramatic or else it’s better for both of you to part ways.


Sign #6: He Says He Loves You Still

Well, this is huge! It doesn’t matter if he did it when he’s drunk or when he’s sober and knocking on your door. If a guy says he loves you, and you know him to be a genuine person, he might be telling the truth.


Sign #7: No One Cheated

Cheating is a relationship killer. It destroys trust and can cause irreparable damage to even the sweetest, healthiest relationships. Who cares about being with “the one” if he cheated on you, right? If cheating is the cause of your break-up, even if you miss the guy and even if you still love him, give each other space to truly heal. However, if your guy didn’t cheat and you didn’t cheat either, even if you had the craziest fight, it’s much easier to consider getting back together.


Sign #8: You Still Hook Up

If you still have passionate sex and you feel like you both really enjoy it, the fire isn’t completely extinguished. Bonus points if you’re the one with the upper hand--- it could be that he’s still single, or that he drops everything to be with you, or that he’s been asking you for another chance but it’s just you who’s confused. If physical attraction is still strong, there is still chance.


Your ex is an ex for a reason. If you’re the dumper, remember the exact time you were so sure you want him out of your life. If you’re the dumpee, remember his reasons and how he made you feel when he decided to cut you off. Is it still repairable? Does your relationship really deserve a second chance or do you just miss him? Remember, if you just miss him, it’s not enough. If you still love each other, it’s still not enough. For a relationship to work, there should be compromise and tolerance. Can you still tolerate and love each other after what you’ve been through and can you still live with him if things remain the same five years down the road? If yes, call your guy now and don’t ever let him go again!


You do not need tricks, just see your relationship for what it is not what you want it to be.

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