Four Simple Guides for Social Media in Dealing with an Ex

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Taking a break from social media serves several purpose…

Social media invades so many corners of life. It allows couples to meet, deepen their relationship and document the life cycle of their union. The one area social media causes far more harm than good rests in the space following a break up.

Given the sensitive nature of an ex, people require a game plan to prevent themselves from making critical missteps leading to additional pain and struggles moving forward. Let’s see what a savvy person can do after the relationship ends.


DO Take a Social Media Sabbatical


Taking a break from social media serves several purpose, some of which the individual may not even know they need. The hardest step to getting away from social media is always the first. People rarely realize the extent to which their life comes into contact with numerous apps and sites designed to keep people in touch with one another.


Pull the plug, even metaphorically, as quickly as possible. The longer one waits the harder the transition will be.


DON’T Lurk


If deciding to stay online, it is ever more important to keep away from an ex’s profile due to the types of information located there. Seeing an ex moving forward, who they are dating and their overall mood makes things more challenging and painful.


Under no circumstances should one believe the falsehood perpetuated by telling themselves they only wish to see how their ex is doing. It may start in such a vein, but will end up leading into a difficult spiral which becomes harder to pull oneself out of the impending pit.


DO Mute the Ex and Their Friends


As with not actively pursing an ex’s feed, one needs to remove incoming triggers by silencing avenues of contact before they become problems. This starts with the mute button. Blocking, in most of the major social media sites, broadcasts a cutting of ties.


While this may be the intent, it also projects the impression of fragility no one wishes to present. The mute button works behind the scenes like a filter like the one keeping a former co worker’s restaurant reviews out of your feed. Though small, this action reduces the number of active triggers entering one’s mind.


DON’T Broadcast Love Life


The temptation to document everything during a sensitive period will be heightened, especially if receiving updates from friends and family. Getting stuff out of one’s head can be very beneficial. Working this out offline will bring the best results with a minimal amount of outside interference.


Writing in a journal may place one in a pocket allowing for greater peace. Also, keeping the ups and downs of starting over offline will prevent additional pain from displaying all of the starts and stops to the world.


Social media connects everyone. It makes life easier while allowing the world to shrink. For healing to occur after a break up, one needs to step away from contact for a period of time, work things out in safe place with friends and family and slowly reintroduce social media back into the routine.


Avoiding landmines presented by social media will speed recovery. It takes patience, time and discipline. Though difficult, it makes things better in the long run.

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