How to Get your Ex-Boyfriend Back After He’s Moved On

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Did your boyfriend suddenly leave you and now you realize you want him back? There’s still a chance. Don’t obsess or worry yourself sick about it, that’s not going to help the situation.

Here’s a bit of advice and some clever tips to help you learn what you can do to get your ex back into your arms; even if he’s found another woman and seems to have lost all interest in you.

1. Show Him You’re the Goods

Subtly show him that his life will be infinitely better if you’re in it. Unless he is 100% repelled by you (which he’s probably not), there are several things you can actually do starting at that point forward.

But if your relationship was deeply serious, that’s something you needn’t worry about because you two truly cared for one another and likely shared a strong history together.

2. Make Friendship the Basis of Your Relationship

If you’re smart, try to be a friend to him. Show him you can be a really great friend and that you understand what makes him tick. Let him see that you can be in his company without creating any drama or causing a scene.

Joke with him and make him smile. When he realizes that in spite of your breakup, you’re still the same interesting, friendly, funny, pretty and smart woman that he was originally attracted to in the first place; it will spark his interest and perhaps rekindle the fire. The bottom line is to just be yourself.

3. Initiate Conversation and Keep Your Cool

When you have a conversation with your ex, be civil and somewhat sweet, but do show him you have a little bit of backbone as well. After all, you don’t want to be his doormat do you?

You want him to want you, but you also want to give the impression that he may have to work a bit in order to get you. You’re a prize. Just naturally let the conversation flow and don’t try to force a point. If the two of you are meant to be together, you’ll be together. Just let nature take its course.

4. Let Him Know You’re Available

Try to come off with a little bit of attitude, but not too much that he’ll be put off by you – just enough to pique his interest and draw him to you.

Let him know you’re available in a clever sort of way but that at any moment the man of your dreams could snatch you away forever. Jealousy in small bits will work in your favor, but too much and you’ll just make him mad.

5. Never Seem Desperate

Whatever you do, never appear desperate, needy, or too emotional in front of him or it will send him running in the other direction full speed. That’s the opposite of what men want to see in a woman.

Just play it cool no matter how you feel inside. Let him know you couldn’t be better regardless of your painful breakup. You’re a great catch for any man, and he should consider himself extremely lucky for ever having you once.

Show him you’re not afraid to move on without him. Men are attracted to confident, self-assured, happy women.

However, if you appear desperate in front of him, you can pretty much kiss your chances good-bye of ever getting back together with him.

If possible, casually bring up fun times the two of you once shared together along with fond memories of a sweeter time. This will trigger his subconscious to associate your presence with the feeling of happiness.

At all costs, keep the conversation light-hearted and it will give you a stronger chance of winning him back. And if you don’t, there’s more fish in the sea. Fish with bigger and shinier scales just waiting for you to catch them!

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