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What if my ex boyfriend never wants to hear from me again?
Your ex at the moment does not want to hear or to be with you. He feels frustrated, angry, in other words his emotions are off the charts.  That’s normal after the breakup. So don’t even try to convince him about giving you a second chance because you will only turn oil on fire. Besides…the heart cannot be reasoned with.

The good news is this can change with time. Even if he said “I don’t love you”, reminds you “it’s over”, avoids to see you, claims that he has no feelings for you, we can change that. He already chosen you when you first met, so it’s absolutely possible to get back together again. Only this time the rules of the game has chanced. But we are here to help you win.

Can you help even if we've broken up many times?

Look…there is a reason you keep breaking up! You have not fixed the underlying issue(s) in your relationship that cause each of you to split then come together again.

Getting back together again is not enough. It’s crucial to identify and fix the problematic areas in your relationship. When you correct them, the relationship becomes a bond based on true love and respect.

You don’t need the other person to fix your mistakes and faults. Yes you need a mirror as a feedback provider but first you need to face your own demons. We suggest you sign up for our coaching service so can you learn how to get back together for good and live a thriving life with him.

How about if it has been a long time since we broke up?

If you had a long term relationship with years of true love and deep respect, then the chance of finding each other again even after a long time is significant. The only question you need to answer is not if you can get back together, but do you want to get back together?

Just be aware that you are more likely to have success if your breakup is recent (three months or less). The more time that has gone by, the more planning and work it will take. But it is worth doing, because even it has been a while, the situation is far from hopeless.

Of course we can’t help you if you want to get an ex boyfriend back, who’s already engaged or married. But if that’s not the case then sign up for our coaching and let’s get to work.

What if he's already seeing someone else?
We know it sounds strange but it’s almost a good sign your ex boyfriend is seeing someone else because rebound relationships come from an emotional void that his new “partner” just simply can’t fill in. Only you can. At the moment you think you have little chance at getting him back, but this will change when you’ll know the right steps to take in this situation.

So yes, it’s highly probable that you can get him back even in this situation. With our psychological tactics, the other person doesn’t really stand much of a chance. We can also give you specific directions on what to do and say around his new girlfriend. (if it comes to that)

What if I've already made a fool of myself?
Breakup mistakes pull you and him further apart. Mistakes are easy to make because you’re in a crazy emotional state. We frequently get our clients coming to us in a desperate state and wondering if they can get their man back because they think it’s too late now. That’s not the case if your ex boyfriend had real deep feelings for you and now you make right your foolish acts.  We can teach you how to handle and correct your past mistakes to regain the control of the events.
How long will it take to get him back?
That depends on many factors like: when the breakup happened, what kind of mistakes you made, how intense was your breakup, how emotional are you at this point and so on. In some cases results will be visible after a month, in others where more preparation, planning and healing needed, 2-3 or more months is the right time frame.
What if you can't get him back?

We never stated that we can get your ex boyfriend back for sure. We can help you to rise and develop then execute a tailored game plan for your unique situation but as we explained above, we can’t force a person to love someone. Working with us will give you the highest chances of success. But if at a certain point we decide that it’s time for you to move one, by then you will have an invaluable amount of knowledge about creating and maintaining a successful romantic relationship and life. That, we can guarantee. Don’t you think that alone worth more than your investment in our program?

Can you help even if I just want to move on?
Yes we can. Actually moving on and getting him back is the same path, but if you or we realize that it’s best if you learn from this painful experience and move on then we can guide you along this path also. In some cases this is the best decision even if it’s a though choice.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes we do. You Are Protected By Our Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee. We are so confident in the impact of our coaching program to transform your life, that we offer you a generous 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! So take your time with your program and really try it out. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply email us within your 30-Day guarantee window and we’ll refund you, no questions asked!

My personal information is confidential with you?

All email/WhatsApp correspondence and Skype/Phone session is strictly confidential. We will never sell or disclose your personal information. You can learn more about our strict privacy policy here.

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