Breakup is indeed one of the most shocking and overwhelming scenarios that could happen with you in a relationship. Both of you are affected deeply. However, how will you know if he is also concerned with the breakup? Let’s take a look at what do guys think after breakup.


A study conducted by American Psychological Association shows that men start to suffer even more after a certain period has passed following the breakup. They think a variety of things including the reason for the breakup.

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Let’s look at two common ideas they think about and often act upon:


Maybe to Stay Friends


First of all keep in mind that friends can be lovers but lovers cannot be friends. “Stay as friends” is indeed a pure evil line if you just wish him back, it’s extremely rare for both parties to remain friends. It could happen certainly, on the other hand, not often and particularly not, if your ex boyfriend is meeting or dating somebody else.


This is part of the many canned lines wherein the main objective is to assist him to move on easier. An ex boyfriend that tells you that he likes to be friends, likes to keep the image of still being a part of your life. So that you will meet up and talk as well as do things together.


You have to avoid falling into this trap. That is only the fantasy they like to give, however it works to some extent. Sooner or later you will find out about this intention of theirs, normally a couple of days after you break up.


The best thing to do is to decisively communicate with your ex boyfriend that you cannot be friends anymore. If you show the idea of terminating all contact this will frequently trigger doubts on his part and this doubt will make him want to chase after you.


He wants to Jump into a New Relationship


A man does this mostly because he does not want to be alone and also he does not like to handle the situation alone. In spite of how the separation happened as well as the cause of it, and who started the breakup, you and your ex boyfriend will surely feel hurt, even when your ex is not showing it.


Involving into a new relation can assist him in some way to forget the pain and loneliness, but in most cases only temporarily.  This can also help maintain his level of self-esteem and female validation.


How will you know if your ex boyfriend is involved in a rebound relationship? Well, first see how fast your ex finds somebody new and know for how long you have been together as successful couple.


Rebound relationship ends fast. This is because he can only use the girl to entertain himself and get rid of the pain and loneliness, while he is searching for your personality in this new woman’s presence. Your ex boyfriend is not in a good emotional condition to get involved in a serious relationship.


Considering what do guys think after breakup, the best thing you can do is to avoid confrontation. You will feel betrayed, angry and deeply hurt. But on the other hand, once you relax and think about it, your past boyfriend is no longer part of your life, so this only means that you don’t have the right to confront him. A good thing to remember if you’re about to do it.


Now that you know, what do guys think after breakup, you must give your best to NOT look jealous, most essential in front of him due to the fact that he may think that you still in love with him.