Being a man does not make us any less susceptible after a breakup. We might handle the results or outcome differently. But we certainly do not handle it any better.


All through my entire life, I have experienced 3 heart crushing breakups. It doesn’t matter if it is because of neediness, being cheated on, financial mindset differences, or just lost the spark, that caused the breakup were anything but cheerful.


On the other hand, due to these hardships and challenges, I have been capable of trying many diverse ways to deal with these instances. If you are wondering how guys behavior after breakup is, then you have come to the right place.


In this short post we will take a look at it.


According to The Journal of Health and Social Behavior it seems that I had done almost all:


Drinking: You will normally see guys going out with friends partying and drinking all night long. Certainly in my case this also was not a good idea. The problem did not go away apart from that moment, and even then the choice to drink was regretted the following morning.


Men are Recluse after Breakup: Not precisely a smart idea. Shutting myself from my friends just made the breakup to constantly linger on my mind.


They Work Harder: Working like there is no tomorrow perhaps will keep your mind busy, even when at the time you did not feel like continuing. As time goes by, it becomes simpler and easier. It helped me in some degree. But of course my last breakup was an extreme one.


They Spend Time with Close Friends: Even that I don’t had too many friends, I have some good and loving friends. Spending quality time with them not just kept my mind busy, but it also kept our relationship closer. It feels good when someone listens to your breakup story. You are now probably surprised that this belongs to guys behavior after breakup.


Writing: Writing down my feelings on a piece of paper was perhaps the best option is I have done after my breakup. Not just does it assist clear my mind of emotions, this also assists me in the coming years when I want to recall and look back for reasons why you cannot afford NOT to grow.


Men are busy doing their hobbies: Playing games and cooking is just two of the many things that we men are escaping into after a breakup. Reading magazines and watching movies are also helpful in keeping our minds busy, thus we forget about the breakup for a short period of time.


Different men handle relationships diversely and have tried other methods. One common method in coping with a breakup is to “get back on the horse”. This is when the relationship fails and your ex boyfriend finds somebody else right away. Nonetheless, this can used, even if it hurts like hell. But for men it is a simpler way to ease a bit the hurt and loneliness.


Although there is no perfect way to cope with a breakup, expectantly this article can show you how guys behavior after breakup is. Keep in mind, all men are different.


If we cannot cure our sorrow and sadness by means of writing down our emotions or feelings, doing hobbies as well as spending time with our friends, or working harder, that does not make us weak.


It might take so much time, on the other hand once we discover the healing power of time it is well worth it since we grow as a person.

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