There’s the contradictory point of view if men are really hurting after breakup. While women are wired to look emotionally understanding, (even though there are quite a few exceptions) some of those men also look emotionally understanding in their passionate relationships but of course women can do this better. So you wonder: is he hurting after breakup?


It is no secret that women are way more emotional human beings than men. We look forward in women to be affectionate, compassionate, expressive and sensitive, all while keeping a life of society standards. (it’s not an easy task, I give you that, but regardless that is what we expect from you)


In one hand, guys are expected to be courageous and unemotional, showing signs of stability and power, and newer expressing signs of weakness. On the other hand, with regards to breakup, or heartache, men often feel to be just as touching or emotional as ladies but their social and evolutionary conditioning is stopping them from expressing it.


Guys who put their times, souls and hearts into creating a perfect relationship find it very hard to move on if the love connections are severed.


It doesn’t matter if the relationship broken due to cheating, lack of passion and communication, or due to incompatibility, the hurt still could be devastating and overwhelming.


The usual problems that hurts women also hurts men. Thoughts of betrayal, insecurity, lack of loyalty or trust are common, and eventually will test each fiber of guys’ hearts.


But, as an outcome of the deep-rooted structure of men’s ego, they often struggle with other exceptional relationship heartache women might not be wary of.  Since men are not usually seen as expressive human beings, we are frequently tagged as being superficial or less caring after a powerful relationship ends.


Sociology experts features this overreaction to the absence of communications and emotions that men experience all through their lives. After experiencing breakup, men are not ready for emotional rollercoaster they get themselves on. Most of the time, male psyche does not know how to deal with this kind of sorrow.


The common group of normal questions comes up in his mind: Does somebody make her feel safe and happier? Does she find somebody else more attractive and handsome than me? These queries will often times causes guys to doubt their own capability, banishing their manhood into a river of embarrassment, despair as well as distress. These can tell if is he hurting after breakup.


This action most of the time result in anger for allowing the weakness to exist. However there are ways men could take to cope with the pressures of a breakup. And these ways are not that kind of usual thing that women normally do.


Men are frequently condemned for taking longer to move on when experiencing a breakup. As sitting inactive in life, punching in heartache and pain is not exactly a good reaction, but it’s very common.


While men feelings and emotions still are not completely and easily accepted, in today’s world men are likely to let themselves feel more openly as well as strongly, compared to the previous generations. It just serves to cause more pain.


It may be a bit of comfort, on the other hand knowing that he’s indeed going true a painful time period.  Ignore what he is doing on the outside and know that he’s suffering too much as well. Hope, this answered the question if is he hurting after breakup.

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