Have you ever wondered what makes a woman classy? It’s not only that she has elegance and style, and looks gorgeous effortlessly, it is more, much more. It also requires internal characteristics. If you aspire to become one, and are willing to transform yourself, here are 97 tips on how to be a real lady from one of the classiest women in history: Coco Chanel.


1. Send thank you cards. Express your gratitude. Thus, you will establish loving, friendly relationships.


2. Practice the correct posture. The ugly traits in a woman (laziness, folly, lack of self-confidence) find expression is her posture. Don’t slouch! Be confident and poised.


3. Speak softly. A woman who speaks gently is always considered classier and more feminine.


4. Learn to listen, without interrupting your speaking partner. Interrupting someone while they speak is not polite, and always causes disharmony in the conversation. Listen carefully to the one you are speaking with.


5. Wear craggy colours. Colours are expressions of our inner emotions. Be brave, express your confidence by wearing clean-cut colours.


6. Avoid fashion fads or take them with a grain of salt. Strive to the classic. Don’t commit fashion mistakes that you would regret later.


7. Have vintage wine at home, that you can serve should the occasion arise. Raise the standard of the occasion with style. A good wine puts everyone in a good mood.


8. Wear only two or three accessories. Over-accessorizing is a fashion mistake. Keep it simple and elegant, don’t wear too much accessory.


9. Always behave impeccably. Be polite and well-mannered in every situation. Avoid crass behaviour. It’s not ladylike.


10. Be informed in various topics. Ignorance is a bad point. Read the newspaper, take time to get to know what goes on is the world, be intelligent.


11. Keep a budget. Stay on top of your expenses. Be rigorous, don’t spend more than you can.


12. Study the arts. Arts are a way to amuse us on a higher level. Read books, visit museums. You can even practice a form of art as a hobby.


13. Have only one kind of perfume. Choose a favourite and stick to it. Thus, everyone will associate that certain scent with your personality.


14. Express your anger moderately. Control yourself, don’t give way to your indignation. If you must, use sarcasm instead.


15. Be at home in the art of conversation. Only dull people will stay silent on a social event. Amusing people are the heart of the party, be that person.


16. Learn French. A well-mannered lady speaks at least one foreign language. French can be the one.


17. Wear trench coat. In rainy or windy weather, a trench coat is the appropriate outfit. It is elegant, practical and modest. Never goes out of style.


18. Learn the art of wearing a scarf. There are a million ways to wear a scarf. Learn every one of them and apply it in your dressing. This accessory is a classic one.


19. Prefer quality over against quantity. A touch of luxury is always a pleasant experience. Quality pieces are also more trustworthy, and last longer.


20. Don’t shout and don’t shriek. A classy woman doesn’t raise her voice in any circumstances. It is unpleasant and gives the impression that you are losing your temper.


21. Learn to waltz. Dances help the nice shaping of the establishing of intimacy between the genders. Waltzing is also very elegant, acquire the steps and the fluency of movements, dance with grace.


22. Have a home made, characteristic meal for the guests. Await your guests with some kind of treat, that you prepare the best, and that they can associate with you and with your personality.


23. Remember the birthdays. And send birthday wishes or presents to your loved ones and acquaintances. This will establish you as a good-natured person, who appreciates her friends.


24. Go to picnics. Picnics are a pleasant way to spend time with each other and socialize while enjoying good food and nature. Have a picnic basket with all the necessary accessories to it. Champagne glasses are a must.


25. Wear dresses/coats and skirts more often, on rendezvous on every account. Raise the standard of a get-together by dressing formally, elegantly. Remember: people will treat you accordingly to your appearance.


26. Simplify your life, your home and your daily schedule. If you simplify, you won’t lose control over things. You will be well organized and calm.


27. Wear pearls. What a timeless elegance a pearl necklace and earring can give! Don’t underestimate their simplicity, their modesty will always confer a ladylike appearance to you.


28. Don’t forget: it’s always more important to be polite, than to be right. Don’t engage into power struggles to prove your right. Keep the polite atmosphere in which everybody feels good.


29. After a meal serve coffee or tea. Crown a good meal with a cup of high quality coffee or tea. Even chatting feels better with these drinks. They are a good way to unwind, and finish off the meal, perhaps the occasion.


30. Always be exact. If you are punctual, that means that you respect other people’s time and schedule. Be exact in all areas of life, this way you will stay on top of things.


31. Don’t complain. If you complain you will only create disharmony in your ambience. Focus on the positive and forget about your laments.


32. Dress nicely when you travel. A journey always means meeting new people. It matters what kind of impression you create with your appearance. And you can never make a second first impression.


33. Travel a lot. Travelling opens up the mind. You will meet so many new and exciting things during a trip. It’s nice to share those experiences with your friends after arriving home.


34. Don’t wear black shoes in the summer. Black is too demure for the summer, when everything is airy and light. Wear light colours. On your foot too.


35. Keep your home tidy. Be a good housekeeper, never neglect your home, because it is the reflection of your feelings, your thoughts, your soul. A visitor will judge you according to your house, so keep it tidy and neat.


36. If your visitors stay for the night, on the bed table leave them a small jug of water, a glass and a book they might find pleasure in. This will show that you are attentive, and that you care for them.


37. Learn how to be the host of dinner parties. Throw elegant parties and learn how to be a good host. Dress nicely, serve good food to your guests, and be sparklingly witty.


38. Have one craggy colour in your home, and colour that with accessories. Choose a low-key colour and stick to that what concerns home decoration. You can zing that up with a few colourful and good quality accessories.


39. Learn to make a Martini. Cocktail parties wouldn’t be cocktail parties without this elegant beverage. Acquire the know-how of making a good Martini. Use Martini glasses.


40. Learn to tie both traditional and tuxedo tie, regardless of being a man or a woman. It’s not complicated. Learn it, so you can tie your dear one’s tie, if you two go to an elegant event.


41. At your workplace be a lady, especially when you talk about a delicate matter, or when the tempers get loose. Stay on top of the situation by keeping calm. Be discreet with delicate messages. Euphemize, if you can.


42. Wear gorgeous hats. Hats are a great accessory in the summertime. They are a fashion statement, so pull it off stylishly.


43. Don’t point out other people’s faults. Don’t be judgmental. Everybody has faults, accept it. Be polite and forgiving.


44. Wait patiently while queuing. Waiting in line can be irritating, especially if it takes a lot of time. But try to be patient and calmly accept the situation.


45. Don’t curse. Cursing is crass. Keep your dignity, and always speak moderately.


46. Chew every bite thoroughly. Never bolt down your food. Not even if you are hungry.


47. Sip your drink. Drink in small sips. An elegant lady never slurps.


48. Learn the appropriate behaviour to a situation. Be intelligent. Act according to the given situation.


49. Accept the compliments graciously. Don’t overreact, if someone gives you a compliment. Accept them quietly, modestly.


50. Be confident humbly. It is good if you are confident, but don’t forget to be humble. Otherwise you can easily seem to be arrogant.


51. Don’t boast. It is nice if you have achievements, but remember, actions speak for themselves. You don’t need to flaunt them in people’s face.


52. Act respectfully with other people. Treat people with respect, so they will respect you too. Otherwise you would create a bad reputation.


53. Have fresh flowers in your home. Take care that you always have seasonal flowers in your home environment. They create a delicate atmosphere.


54. Send letters rather than e-mails to your loved ones. A hand-written letter is “old-schoolishly” charming. It is more personal than typing on the computer.


55. Take care that your nails are always tidy. Nails that are uncared for are repulsive. Don’t create the impression of a negligent woman. Respect yourself so much that you tidy your nails.


56. Make sure that your clothes and your shoes are immaculate. Patches, holes on a dress are not befit to an elegant woman. Care for your appearance.


57. Never lose your zest for life. Focus on the positive. Enjoy every minute.


58. Be well-groomed. Make time for grooming. Don’t neglect your appearance.


59. Remember that money does not equal elegance, what’s more it’s not mandatory to elegance. Elegance also depends on your thinking. Browse through fashion magazines and try to pick up the core of the trends and apply them in your style.


60. Wear discreet make-up. Forget about dramatic make-ups, strident colours. Be pretty with class.


61. Make sure that your outfit is appropriate. Be smart. Think through the occasion you are dressing up for.


62. Make sure that your bed-sheets smell like lavender. Lavender smells nice. If you have guests they will definitely notice this small, pleasant detail.


63. Always be positive. Nurture good thoughts in your mind, because that is what you will reflect into your environment. Radiate of love and positivity. People will find that very appealing.


64. Learn to say no politely. Don’t let people exploit you. Sometimes you have to say “no”. But polite manner is always recommended.


65. Make sure that people feel good in your company. Be kind to others. Strive to put people in a good mood.


66. Take care of your health. This is a sign that you love and respect yourself. Go to the doctor regularly.


67. Don’t spoil others too much. A little bit of rigour doesn’t hurt. In fact, it is very much recommended in your relationships.


68. Make sure that your standard of living is high. Work hard to earn good money. Thus, you can enjoy the best in everything.


69. Turn off your mobile phone while at dinner. Especially if you are having dinner with somebody. Pay your whole attention to the occasion and to your partner.


70. Your haircut should be simple, classic. Stick to the clear-out style. It’s much noble, and you will avoid ridiculousness.


71. Think before you speak or act. Ask yourself if anything good comes out of it. Don’t hurt anyone with your words or actions. Sober-mindedness is a sign of a mature personality. It is advisable.


72. Apologize sincerely. If you hurt somebody, go ahead and apologize. Don’t hold a grudge. Be conciliative, show that you regret the incident.


73. Be poised. Be proud and self-respecting because others will learn how to treat you according to what you think of yourself.


74. Don’t belittle others and don’t gossip. Don’t engage in foul gossiping and try not to judge people. It’s ugly to be mean.


75. If you go to somebody’s house, always give a present to the host. Even if it is just a small gift, take something with you. It is decent.


76. Tie a kerchief onto your handbag. It can be a lovely little idea.


77. Take a handbag to the evening-party. So you have all the small things you might need when you are away.


78. To casual events wear appropriate jeans, long sleeved white shirt or craggy pullover. Keep it simple, but elegant. Don’t exaggerate.


79. Wear tennis shoes only to calisthenics. Tennis shoes are  fit for sports events. Don’t wear them on other events.


80. Use white bed-sheets, towels, vessels. Simplicity is recommended in your home environment too. White is noble and suggests purity.


81. Always iron your clothes. Wrinkled clothes don’t create the image of a dependable person. Take time to iron your clothes.


82. Make the horn of your car say “excuse me, you did not notice me?” rather than “get out of my way”. Don’t be impatient with pedestrians. And don’t toot loudly.


83. Carry the empathy too far. It is nice to be empathetic with people. You can never give too much of it.


84. Light candles in your home. Candles create a warm, cosy atmosphere. Light a few, especially on cold fall evenings.


85. On Sundays go for a walk in the park. Sundays are a great time for relaxation. If the weather is fine, dress up elegantly, and take long walks in the park.


86. Say honest compliments to others. Only say compliments, when you mean them. This will put a smile on the faces of people.


87. Know how much you worth. People will sense if you are insecure about yourself. And they will not trust you if you don’t trust yourself.


88. Learn how to open a bottle of champagne. Prove that you are not clumsy. People will appreciate that.


89. Dress accordingly to the event. Think through what kind of event it is, and dress accordingly.


90. Do small favours to others. If you have the possibility to help someone with small favours, don’t say no. Be charitable.


91. Use the words “please” and “thank you”. Words have magical powers. Experience the effect of kind words.


92. Make time to listen to others, especially children. Lend an ear to those who speak to you. Listen actively.


93. You control yourself and your happiness. You are the one who decides how are you going to react to a certain event. You choose how you look at it. The decision is yours only.


94. Write a diary. You can practice pencraft and composition with it. And later you can read it and recollect over memories.



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95. Give reasonable gifts rather than expensive ones. Be smart. Don’t give expensive but useless presents.


96. Less is more. The essence of elegance can be based upon this short sentence. I think, you understand it.


97. Enjoy the moment. Don’t waste the joy of the moment for some future dreams. Live in the present.


Becoming a classy lady does not happen overnight, it takes a lot of perseverance to transform yourself, but it is certainly worth it. Apply these inspirational advices in your daily life in order to grow and to develop your personality. Become a better person. People will notice it, and respond accordingly to your metamorphosis.

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