How to Put the Sizzle Back into Your Relationship

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Love is literally like a drug, it’s euphoric. In the beginning stages of falling in love, our brains release chemicals that make us feel so good that there are really no words to describe it.

However, in the same way a drug addict develops a tolerance over time, that squishy love feeling starts to fade as well. Eventually, the hot fire of love starts to burn down to a barely glowing ember.

What happened to the spark? Where’s the sizzle you felt so strongly in the beginning? It’s still there, you just need to stoke the fire.

What should you do when the butterflies in your stomach stop fluttering? All couples reach a point where their relationship starts to get “comfortable” and the fire starts to cool. Although you may feel as if you’re stuck in a rut, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are ten ways to put the love back in the love nest:

1. Talk To Each Other

In order for your relationship to succeed, you and your partner both must be willing to open up to one another on every subject concerning your life.

Even if you can’t readily fix a problem, you are showing great courage by revealing what’s going on with your thoughts and feelings. It shows trust.

One of the greatest culprits in destroying a union between two people is closing the door to communication. How are you going to fix a problem if you don’t even know what it is?

2. Show Appreciation

It’s the little things in life that mean so much. Acknowledge and appreciate each and every little thing you do for one another whether it’s pressing his slacks or holding the door open for her. Show each other respect and courtesy the same as you would for a friend or stranger.

3. Keep One Another Guessing

It’s always fun to put a little mystery into the mix. Surprise your partner by showing them a different side of your character they never knew existed. How fun is that? That could really spark a fire…

4. Gently Tease Your Partner

Whether the two of you take a short respite to make you miss one another, or send sexy texts all day long, it’s a form of teasing (foreplay) that can lead to a sultry romantic evening.

5. Get Uninhibited – Let Your Hair Down

Nothing will stoke the fires of love quicker than letting your inhibitions run wild. Men love this. In fact, most men want an angel by day and a seductress by night.

Don’t be afraid to show him this side of you – you know, your inner Goddess? Let it out, he’ll never be the same. In the words of Nike – just do it!

6. Go on Holiday

Spend some time away and travel to an unfamiliar destination. Unusual surroundings tend to bring people closer together as well as ignite a sense of adventure that makes for great memories.


Remember the good ole days when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Dwell on that memory and see where it goes. Sit, talk, and laugh about the times you spent in the beginning as you were first falling in love. Remember why you fell for him in the first place.

Don’t Stop Dating

Set aside a special night a few times a month for the two of you to do whatever you like without the kids. It can be as simple as sharing a cup of coffee at a late night diner or going to the opera – as long as you are together and having a good time.

Be Intimate on Every Level

Intimacy isn’t just physical, it’s emotional as well. A typical, busy day tends to drain the intimacy out of life. Put it back, it’s important. Being close to your partner emotionally is every bit as important as engaging in a physical sexual encounter.

Maintain Your Connection

Slow your life down enough to look into your partner’s eyes and say a heartfelt “I love you”. Take time to hug and kiss and show one another genuine affection. When was the last time you looked into your lover’s eyes and told them how much they mean to you?

These tips will bring you extremely closer to the one you love and put the spark back into relationship. Why not give them a try?

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